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World Religions

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Allah, Koran und Ramadan 
Annemarie Schimmel
Allah, the Qur'an and Ramadan
Daily Life and Tradition in Islam

In light of the religious diversity with which we are confronted in our multicultural society, examination of the great world religions is increasingly important.

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Am Sabbat geht Moische zum Rebbe 
Salcia Landmann
On the Sabbath, Moshe Goes to the Rabbi
The Best Jewish Jokes
Compiled and edited by Rainer Moritz
With cartoons by Peter Gaymann

This volume unites the deepest, bitterest and sharpest – in short, the best – Jewish jokes from Salcia Landmann’s centuries-spanning collection.

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Dem Unendlichen begegnen 
Hermann-Josef Frisch
Encountering the Infinite
Lived faith in the world´s religions

This luxuriously illustrated book explores and demonstrates how people from different religions specifically express their faith. Every religion has procedures, rituals and symbols. It´s all about religious practice, regardless of doctrines and dogmas – it´s about what is visible in religions on a daily basis and what shapes the living environment of the people and many similarities are coming to light.

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Der Buddha 
Hermann-Josef Frisch
The Buddha
The Story of the Enlightened One

More and more people are fascinated by Buddhism and look to it orientation and guidance. Who was Siddhartha Gautama, who is called Buddha and the Enlightened One, and considered to be the founder of Buddhism? Hermann-Josef Frisch brings to life the man behind the many legends.

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Der muslimische Witz 
Hadayatullah Hübsch
Muslim Humor

Islam is well acquainted with humor, and Muslims can laugh! This book proves it. This collection of Muslim jokes, collected from many countries and varied time periods, reflects the variety within Islam – from Mullah Nasreddin tall tales that stem from Persian to the trickster Goha in the Arab Near East to contemporary jokes.

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Die Bibel im Koran 
Karl-Josef Kuschel
The Bible in the Quran
Foundations for interreligious discussion

This book is a scholarly and personal summation of Karl-Josef Kuschel’s two decades of study of the Bible and the Quran, newly revised and most importantly expanded to include the results of the latest scholarly research on the Quran. Thorough knowledge of the basics is a precondition for a culture of exchange between Jews, Christians, and Muslims that is based on mutual respect and allows trust to develop. This book by a dedicated scholar, which ranges from confrontation to integrated thinking, is itself an important contribution to this goal.

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Festmahl am Himmelstisch 
Karl-Josef Kuschel
Feasting at the Heavenly Table
How Special Meals Unite Jews, Christians and Muslims

Jews celebrate Passover, Christians Easter, and Muslims ask God to send a table from Heaven where the faithful dine and find sustenance (Qur’an, Surah 5). Celebrating special meals establishes a strong connection between the three great religions, according to Karl-Josef Kuschel. Here this previously unrecognized bond is described in book form for the first time.

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Gottes Erster Name 
Walter Kardinal Kasper / Mouhanad Khorchide
God´s First Name
An Islamic-Christian discussion about mercy
With a preface by Annette Schavan

In various publications and initiatives, Walter Kardinal Kasper has made »mercy« a central theme in theology and pastoral care. For Mouhanad Khorchide, professor of Islamic Religious Education at the University of Münster, mercy is a central feature of a modern understanding of Islam.

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Im Fluss der Dinge 
Karl-Josef Kuschel
In the Flow of Things
Hermann Hesse and Bertolt Brecht in the Dialogue with Buddha, Lao Tzu and Zen

»Under heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water. And yet, for attacking the solid and strong, nothing is better; it has no equal« (Tao Te Ching). Hermann Hesse and Bertolt Brecht are both world-famous German-language writers of the 20th century. As different as their lives and works may be, they are connected by their interest in the spiritual world of India, China and Japan. A dialogue with the great figures of the Asian world, with Buddha and Lao Tsu, has found expression in the works of both. And even if the results were different, both of them also mastered the special art of transforming the foreign into one`s own.

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Im Ringen um den wahren Ring 
Karl-Josef Kuschel
Wrangling for the True Ring
Lessing’s »Nathan the Wise« – A Challenge for the Religions

In light of the heightened tension in the current global situation, many people consider the vision of the religions co-existing to be futile and naive. The battle between religions and cultures has to be presumed as the only realistic scenario.

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