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World Religions

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Warum der Antisemitismus uns alle bedroht 
Michael Blume
Why Anti-Semitism Threatens All of Us
How New Media Fires Up Old Conspiracy Myths

According to the Jewish heritage, Shem – one of Noah’s sons – founded the tradition of the »Semitic« written religion from which Judaism and Christianity, as well as Islam, arose. Counter-myths that interpreted the solidarity, success of education and abundance of children by the Jews and other Semites as a threatening conspiracy were opposed by this world-changing power of the written religions. Through the emergence of media such as book printing, radio, films, the Internet and social media, anti-Semitism has developed an enormous counter-movement that is capable of shaking the basis of civilisation.

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Im Fluss der Dinge 
Karl-Josef Kuschel
In the Flow of Things
Hermann Hesse and Bertolt Brecht in the Dialogue with Buddha, Lao Tzu and Zen

»Under heaven nothing is more soft and yielding than water. And yet, for attacking the solid and strong, nothing is better; it has no equal« (Tao Te Ching). Hermann Hesse and Bertolt Brecht are both world-famous German-language writers of the 20th century. As different as their lives and works may be, they are connected by their interest in the spiritual world of India, China and Japan. A dialogue with the great figures of the Asian world, with Buddha and Lao Tsu, has found expression in the works of both. And even if the results were different, both of them also mastered the special art of transforming the foreign into one`s own.

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Dass wir alle Kinder Abrahams sind ... 
Karl-Josef Kuschel
»That We Are All Children of Abraham…«
Helmut Schmidt Meets Anwar as-Sadat: A Religious Conversation on the Nile

Two world-renowned statesmen, Helmut Schmidt and Anwar as-Sadat, meet in December 1977. The Egyptian President had made a significant gesture of peace: his trip to Israel and his speech in front of the Israeli parliament. Two years later, the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt came into force and has held to this day.

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Elie Wiesel – ein Leben gegen das Vergessen 
Reinhold Boschki
Elie Wiesel - A Life Against Forgetting
Memories of a Companion

Elie Wiesel, born ninety years ago, is one of the most defining figures of the 20th century. Born as the son of a devout Jewish grocer in the Carpathians (Hungary at that time), he was deported to Auschwitz at the age of 16 – and survived the death camp. His life’s work was to snatch the silenced voices of the victims from oblivion and confront inhumanity where he encounters it today. For the theologian and religious educator Reinhold Boschki, the encounter with Elie Wiesel became a formative experience: The young German became a student of the Jewish scholar in Boston and met him time and again: in Boston, Berlin, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Davos, Oslo and New York. In his book, Boschki recalls the life and work of Elie Wiesel from the perspective of a student and companion.

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Gottes Gegenwart im Judentum und Christentum 
Henry G. Brandt / Walter Kardinal Kasper / Jörg Bremer
God’s Presence in Judaism and Christianity: A Conversation
Edited by Jörg Bremer

The conversation between two witnesses of the century: Walter Kasper, German theologian and cardinal, spent many years as the head of the Vatican Commission of the Holy See for Religious Relations with the Jews. Rabbi Henry Brandt, who has been the chairman of the General Rabbinical Conference of Germany since 2004, has been committed to the Jewish-Christian conversation for decades. Both are witnesses of 20th century history, a century full of wars and crimes against humanity.

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Mehr vom Islam wissen 
Horst Graebe
Knowing More About Islam
For a Good Coexistence with Muslims

The topics and texts of this volume have been developed over years in events of encounter and discussion. They answer the »genuine« questions as they arise in the daily coexistence of Muslims and the mainstream society. Islamic voices are heard extensively here.

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Dem Unendlichen begegnen 
Hermann-Josef Frisch
Encountering the Infinite
Lived faith in the world´s religions

This luxuriously illustrated book explores and demonstrates how people from different religions specifically express their faith. Every religion has procedures, rituals and symbols. It´s all about religious practice, regardless of doctrines and dogmas – it´s about what is visible in religions on a daily basis and what shapes the living environment of the people and many similarities are coming to light.

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Islam in der Krise 
Michael Blume
Islam in Crisis
A world religion between radicalization and quiet retreat

Islam seems confident of expanding. The opposite is the case. Religious scholar Michael Blume explains this scenario as a symptom of a deep worldwide crisis in Islam.
Blume refers to massive secularization processes in the Islamic world. He explains what led the previously advanced culture to plunge into crises and wars.

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Gottes Erster Name 
Walter Kardinal Kasper / Mouhanad Khorchide
God´s First Name
An Islamic-Christian discussion about mercy
With a preface by Annette Schavan

In various publications and initiatives, Walter Kardinal Kasper has made »mercy« a central theme in theology and pastoral care. For Mouhanad Khorchide, professor of Islamic Religious Education at the University of Münster, mercy is a central feature of a modern understanding of Islam.

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Walter Homolka
Observations of a rabbi
With a preface by Margot Käßmann

Walter Homolka is one of the most prolific representatives of contemporary Judaism in Germany and the founding rector of the first rabbinical seminary in Germany following the Holocaust. In this book he comments on contemporary happenings in terms of the Jewish worldview. Concrete events become opportunities to reveal ethical questioning, religious background, and political positions and to integrate them with a Jewish perspective on the world – with entertaining and often surprising results.

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