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Am liebsten beides 
Lukas Niederberger
Preferably Both
How to Make Good Decisions

Should we go to the mountains or the beach this summer? Should I apply for a new position or stay in my current job? Do I want to start a family or not? Far-reaching decisions, especially, force us to assess external circumstances, to become conscious of our own goals, to tolerate uncertainty or to take risks. Because good decisions demand that we look outward and inward.

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Angst und Sorgen die Macht nehmen 
Hans Morschitzky
Taking Back Control from Fear and Worries
Self-help for generalized anxiety disorder

It is totally normal to worry: about the well-being of relatives and friends, the own health or the current international situation. But when fears and worries get out of hand so much that the quality of life is suffering increasingly and school, work or social life are sorely afflicted, this is referred to as generalized anxiety disorder.

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Anne wird Tom – Klaus wird Lara 
Udo Rauchfleisch
Anne Becomes Tom – Klaus Becomes Lara
Understanding Transidentity/Transsexuality

Nothing seems as certain as the difference between the sexes. So there is great confusion when you meet a woman who says she is a man. Or when your coworker of many years, Mr. Miller, asks to be called Ms. Miller from now on. And how do you react when your own son suddenly puts on makeup and wears women’s clothes? How do you explain to your children that mom is now suddenly dad?

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Atmen, singen, gebären 
Frédérick Leboyer
Breathing, Singing, Giving Birth

Gentle birth instead of industrialised delivery – this is the trend-setting approach of Leboyer, who revolutionised midwifery in the 1970’s. His new book is about the unique experiences of mothers who favor natural birth. A birth in joy instead of pain and lack of self-determination is Leboyer’s message.

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Borderline bewältigen 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder
Support and Self-Help Strategies

Many people who suffered severe neglect in their early childhood may develop Borderline Personality Disorder – their lives are split in two. Everything is either black or white, good or evil: there are no shades of grey. Sufferers lose themselves in the chaos inside themselves, and their aggressive behaviour can destroy their personal relationships.

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Das Dankbar-Prinzip 
Sabine Dankbar / Monika Homann
The Gratitude Principle
Finding strength and serenity in everyday life

Many people suffer under the pressure to be perfect. What can help us be more satisfied and serene? Sabine Dankbar and Monika Homann explain that the transformative power of gratitude can have positive effects on our lives. The Dankbar-Prinzip® provides a way to find your own sources of strength that allow you to master daily challenges with optimism. It’s a fact: we are not grateful because we are happy. We become happy when we are grateful.

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Das Gold im Dunkeln der Seele finden 
Wunibald Müller
Finding the Gold in the Darkness of the Soul
New Energy from Hidden Sources

Rage and hatred, envy and greed are feelings we don’t readily admit to and therefore suppress most of the time. But there is gold buried in those shadowy places in human beings. Because the power contained in these difficult emotions can also be used constructively.

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Das kleine Buch gegen Burnout 
Jörg Fengler
The Little Anti-Burnout Book
The Best Strategies to Ward Off Stress and Exhaustion

More and more employees are unable to work due to chronic exhaustion. The reasons for burnout are many: deadline pressure, insufficient teamwork, and lack of recognition from superiors, but also poor time management or perfectionism in oneself.

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Das kleine Trau-dich-Buch 
Rita Steininger
The Little Trust Yourself Book
Say Goodbye to Shy

Everyday situations can be torture for shy people: talking to strangers, maintaining eye contact during conversations, speaking up during a meeting. Fearing embarrassment or rejection, shy people often pull back into their shells. The reason for shyness is often insecurity and a lack of self-esteem.

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Das kleine Tu-dir-gut-Buch 
Rita Steininger
The Little Be-Good-to-Yourself Book
For women in mid-life

Stop constantly criticizing yourself, have the courage to try something completely new – many women between 40 and 50 would like to be kinder to themselves. But for many, it isn’t easy to do something for their own benefit. Women, in particular, often tend to put their own needs last.

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