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Vom Glück sich selbst zu lieben 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
The Happiness of Loving Yourself
Ways Out of Fear and Depression

Many people believe they will find happiness through prosperity, effort and success. Yet often those who live for these external forms of happiness complain about a feeling of inner emptiness.

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Sag's anders 
Gisela Preuschoff
Say It Another Way
How to Make Your Relationship Work

The way couples talk to one another is a decisive factor in making relationships succeed. Gisela Preuschoff explains the particular characteristics of male and female communication. She describes some typical conflicts that can arise in relationships and explains how to resolve them by speaking fairly.

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Atmen, singen, gebären 
Frédérick Leboyer
Breathing, Singing, Giving Birth

Gentle birth instead of industrialised delivery – this is the trend-setting approach of Leboyer, who revolutionised midwifery in the 1970’s. His new book is about the unique experiences of mothers who favor natural birth. A birth in joy instead of pain and lack of self-determination is Leboyer’s message.

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Lebe einfach 
Klaus Koziol
Live Simply!
Finding Your Own Path in Seven Steps

Live simply? Our everyday experience seems to contradict this phrase. But Klaus Koziol shows how personal development can move forward by leading his readers through seven cumulative steps to a more perceptive and attentive life.

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Der Sinn im Leiden 
Thomas Hartmann
The Meaning of Suffering
What Can Heal Us

Thomas Hartmann, a Protestant minister and student of Zen, encourages readers to engage with mental and physical suffering and integrate them into their lives. Methods and instructions from traditions such as Positive Psychology, Autogenic Training and Zen Buddhism help readers deal with physical and emotional pain.

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Renate Frank
Live Your Strengths!

We all want to be happy. But a fulfilled life is more than just physical well-being. It’s deep down, not just about superficial enjoyment. Renate Frank shows readers this other path to happiness.

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Wege aus der Abhängigkeit 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
Paths Out of Dependency
Overcoming Destructive Relationships

"I can't say no; I can't be alone; when I am in a relationship it is as though my whole world disappears" - this is how people afflicted with chronic dependency often describe their behavior.

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Die zehn Gesichter der Angst 
Hans Morschitzky / Sigrid Sator
The Ten Faces of Anxiety
A 7-Step Self-Help Program

Fear of spiders, of diseases, of other people, fear of fear – there are many forms and varieties of fear. The ordeal of those suffering from anxiety disorders is immense.

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