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Und täglich grüßt dein Lebenstraum 
Emanuel Koch
Live Your Personal Dream Every Day
Acting Boldly and Managing the Impossible

Standstill? Routine? Boredom? Lots of people are familiar with this. We are treading water, are dissatisfied, yearn for change. But when it comes to making our own dreams become reality, an unpleasant feeling takes over: fear!

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Verabredung mit dem Glück 
Christian Firus / Hans-Hermann Firus
An Appointment with Happiness
How to Strengthen Your Emotional Resilience
With a foreword by Luise Reddemann

Losing a job, an illness or separation from a beloved person – all of these are life experiences that challenge us. People who cultivate their strengths and abilities and fully exhaust their resources have some means with which to counter such difficult events and even grow as a result. They have an appointment with happiness and believe firmly in it.

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Familie im Gepäck 
Rosa Rechtsteiner
Family Baggage
How you can break free of constricting patterns and find your own way in life

Our family of origin affects us far more than we are aware of. Patterns, values and guidelines we absorb, often exerting influence on us for generations, are not only the basis of our strengths and approaches to problem solving, but also of our weaknesses and roadblocks. These become noticeable when we get in our own way or don’t take advantage of opportunities for development.

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Das Gold im Dunkeln der Seele finden 
Wunibald Müller
Finding the Gold in the Darkness of the Soul
New Energy from Hidden Sources

Rage and hatred, envy and greed are feelings we don’t readily admit to and therefore suppress most of the time. But there is gold buried in those shadowy places in human beings. Because the power contained in these difficult emotions can also be used constructively.

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Am liebsten beides 
Lukas Niederberger
Preferably Both
How to Make Good Decisions

Should we go to the mountains or the beach this summer? Should I apply for a new position or stay in my current job? Do I want to start a family or not? Far-reaching decisions, especially, force us to assess external circumstances, to become conscious of our own goals, to tolerate uncertainty or to take risks. Because good decisions demand that we look outward and inward.

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Sei ein Frosch 
Nam Nguyen
Be a Frog
or The Art of Capturing the Right Moment in Life

Racing from one appointment to the next, while checking e-mails and picking up a present for the mother-in-law along the way: we are often so busy we forget what we actually want. Nam Nguyen knows this through first-hand experience. For the sake of his career, he neglected his family and everything that was important to him.

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Echt schön! 
Marion Sonnenmoser
How to Make Friends with Your Body

A crooked nose, too much padding on the hips or wrinkled skin – no human being is perfect. While some people lead happy lives even with their imperfect bodies, others suffer disproportionately from their dissatisfaction with their own appearance – even to the extent of psychological problems and illness.

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Tom Diesbrock
Dealing Intelligently With One's Inner Critic
With illustrations by Frank Wowra

This is what Herman typically thinks: You’ll never manage to do that! You’re much too old for this! How clumsy of you!
Tom Diesbrock has dubbed that critical inner voice we all know so well ‘Herman’.

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Wegweiser zum Glück 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
Pathways to Happiness
Unlocking the Soul's Hidden Programming

We could be happy, but sometimes old thought patterns make life difficult for us: “I’m a failure!”, “Nobody likes me...” – These hidden lines programmed inside us can undermine our feelings of self-worth and poison our soul – often resulting in anxiety disorders, depression or addiction.

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Versöhnung lernen – Versöhnung leben 
Katharina Ley
Reconciliation With One's Parents
Paths to Inner Freedom

One should actually love them, but all too often irritation, fury and bitterness stand between parents and their grown children – sometimes for a period of many years. Unresolved conflicts with parents, old childhood injuries, these can be fatal entanglements which poison our lives and hinder our happiness, whether in intimate relationships or in your career.

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