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Raus aus dem Schneckenhaus 
Hans Morschitzky / Thomas Hartl
Coming Out of Your Shell
Overcoming Social Anxiety

Millions of people worldwide suffer from social anxieties. Some of these people are simply shy, while others withdraw from society entirely because they feel rejected by others. Hans Morschitzky and Thomas Hartl explain the myriad forms of social anxiety, their causes and consequences.

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Wenn die Seele durch den Körper spricht 
Hans Morschitzky / Sigrid Sator
When the Soul Speaks Through the Body
Understanding and Healing Psychosomatic Disorders

“I feel sick, but no doctor really knows what I have.” So goes the resigned observation of many people when the diagnosis “just psychosomatic” is given. But physical disorders are always a complex interplay of psychological, biological and environmental factors, according to the authors in this easy-to-understand introduction to psychosomatic illness.

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Brigitte Dorst
Overcoming Life Crises
Strengthening the Soul through Pictures, Stories and Symbols

Dramatic changes in our lives create anxiety. People affected by these changes lose their inner equilibrium and can find themselves in a deep emotional and mental crisis. Symbols, rituals and stories can provide a point of reference and grounding in such difficult situations.

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Heinz-Peter Röhr
Escaping from the Inner Prison

Many people have the tormenting feeling of living in an inner prison; they don't feel free and comfortable in their own skins. In their despair, they expend a lot of energy trying to find or realize themselves, and in so doing they usually seek a solution to the problem with inappropriate means, thereby increasing their lack of freedom.

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Wege aus der Wüste 
Roland Kachler
Ways Out of the Desert
Help in a Crisis

Everyone is familiar with crises and experiences them personally: not only the commonly discussed mid-life crisis, but also stressful situations such as retiring from the professional realm, growing children moving out of their parents’ homes, the illness or even death of a loved one plunge people deep into crisis. The way back to normality is often very difficult.

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Die Angst zu versagen und wie man sie besiegt 
Hans Morschitzky
The Fear of Failure and How to Conquer It

The pressure to succeed, pressure to perform, perfectionism - these are symptoms of our age. More and more people fear that they cannot live up to the increasing demands of work and private life. Fear of failure eats away their self-confidence and their joy in life. What can help us to reduce that fear of failure and defeat? How can we better deal with other's expectations? And what helps us to shape our expectations of ourselves more realistically?

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Frei werden von Zwangsgedanken 
Hansruedi Ambühl
Free Yourself from Compulsive Thoughts

They might have to count all the red cars they see, or fear a health hazard in every speck of dust. Many people with compulsive disorders also suffer from obsessive thought patterns. When sufferers fear that they might harm others against their own will, this can give rise to feelings of guilt and self-doubt.

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Dem Leben wieder trauen 
Ellen Spangenberg
Trusting Life Again
Healing from Trauma After Sexual Violence

For survivors of sexual violence it is important to understand the symptoms of their trauma and to develop self-help strategies to maintain their balance in times of crisis. Women who are victims of sexual violence often suffer from anxiety disorders, compulsive disorders, depression, eating disorders or may be at risk of suicide – even decades after the attack.

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Sucht – Hintergründe und Heilung 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
Addiction – Background and Healing
Understanding and Overcoming Addictive Behavior

Why do people develop addictions? What function does the substance serve? How can sufferers of addiction cope with their feelings of shame and guilt? What can the people around them do to cope with their immensely difficult lives?

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Reden ist Gold – wie Gespräche die Liebe stärken 
Jo Eckardt
Talking is Gold - How Conversation Strengthens Love

Silence at the breakfast table, only the bare minimum is discussed, frustrated withdrawal – a lack of communication is especially common in long-term relationships. The partners have nothing more to say to each other, the emotional connection suffers and that leads to more silence. Jo Eckardt demonstrates how this vicious circle can be broken.

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