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Liebe, Lust und Lesebrille 
Felicitas Römer
Love, Lust and Reading Glasses
Why We Are Only Trule Able to Love in Mid-Life

Was that it? In mid-life many things come under scrutiny, including our intimate relationships: Are we a good team, or has boredom crept in? Do we understand each other without the need for words, or do we have nothing left to say to each other? What is keeping us together (for now)?

Felicitas Römer, an experienced couples and family therapist, demonstrates that it is worthwhile to take a critical yet loving look at your relationship at this delicate phase of life.

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Anne wird Tom – Klaus wird Lara 
Udo Rauchfleisch
Anne Becomes Tom – Klaus Becomes Lara
Understanding Transidentity/Transsexuality

Nothing seems as certain as the difference between the sexes. So there is great confusion when you meet a woman who says she is a man. Or when your coworker of many years, Mr. Miller, asks to be called Ms. Miller from now on. And how do you react when your own son suddenly puts on makeup and wears women’s clothes? How do you explain to your children that mom is now suddenly dad?

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Endlich Freitag! 
Gabriele Gostner-Priebe
Finally Friday!
Start the weekend with a light heart

At some point Friday afternoon comes the time when you turn your back on your workplace and shut down the computer, at least. But it is not so easy to shut down your own thoughts and head into the weekend fully relaxed.

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Die Angst vor Krankheit verstehen und überwinden 
Hans Morschitzky / Thomas Hartl
Understanding and Overcoming Fear of Illness

Health is an important subject for every human being, as exemplified by the prevailing trends of wellness, fitness and organic products. And in spite of all the advances in medicine, many people are still scared that they will develop cancer, are unsettled by outbreaks of avian flu, SARS and EHEC, or fearful of poisons in the environment.

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Willkommen im Leben! 
Theresia Maria de Jong / Ilka-Maria Thurmann
Welcome to Life!
The Desire for Children and the Informed Path to Parenthood

It’s not necessarily easy to make children! Sometimes the desire for a child is only fulfilled when the parents are mentally and emotionally prepared. Then a deep bond between parents and child can develop even before conception.

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Das kleine Trau-dich-Buch 
Rita Steininger
The Little Trust Yourself Book
Say Goodbye to Shy

Everyday situations can be torture for shy people: talking to strangers, maintaining eye contact during conversations, speaking up during a meeting. Fearing embarrassment or rejection, shy people often pull back into their shells. The reason for shyness is often insecurity and a lack of self-esteem.

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Mit Yoga Lebensängste bewältigen 
Regina Weiser
Overcoming Fear of Life with Yoga

Financial crisis, food scandals, nuclear disaster – in these crisis-ridden times, many people feel deeply uncertain and suffer existential fears. Facing the challenges of everyday life can seem an impossible task. Yoga can help restore balance and trust in life.

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Borderline bewältigen 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
Overcoming Borderline Personality Disorder
Support and Self-Help Strategies

Many people who suffered severe neglect in their early childhood may develop Borderline Personality Disorder – their lives are split in two. Everything is either black or white, good or evil: there are no shades of grey. Sufferers lose themselves in the chaos inside themselves, and their aggressive behaviour can destroy their personal relationships.

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Trotz allem Liebe 
Marascha Daniela Heisig
Love Nevertheless
How Couples Can Find Forgiveness

Few relationships are more challenging then a partnership. Nowhere else are we so vulnerable, or does conflict bring up such intense feelings. Against the background of her long-term therapeutic work with couples, Marascha Daniela Heisig demonstrates that we have to continually learn to transform what has not been reconciled, in order to master the everyday challenges of love.

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Wenn die Liebe überschattet wird 
Ulrike Borst
When Love Is Overshadowed
Living With a Partner Suffering from Depression

No other psychological condition occurs as frequently as depression, and this causes suffering not only for the depressed person, but also has a powerful effect on their entire family – not seldom to a degree that they are in danger of breaking down under the psychological stress as well.

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