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Wieder Land sehen 
Christian Firus
Finding Land Again
Facing Depression with Courage and Determination

Health insurance companies confirm it: depression is on the rise. In Germany, one in five people will suffer from depression at some point in their life. It can happen to anyone! The good news is that there is effective help. Christian Firus highlights the most important strategies. His approach: the first and most important step out of depression is to take good care of yourself, and to recognize where you have freedom to act.

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L(i)eben mit Borderline 
Udo Rauchfleisch
Living (and Loving) with Borderline Personality Disorder
A handbook for family and friends

People with a borderline personality disorder are constantly living on the edge: they alternate between love and hate, fear and rage, inner emptiness and euphoria. But they are not the only ones impacted by their inner chaos.

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Endlich durchschlafen 
Christine Rankl
Sleeping Through the Night at Last
Understanding and Solving Difficulties with Sleep

One in four young children has difficulty sleeping through the night. And that means their parents’ sleep is interrupted, night after night. That is trying and exhausting, for children and parents alike. What causes this, and what truly helps? Christine Rankl has a solution for every kind of sleeping issue, from infants to schoolchildren.

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Wege aus der Abhängigkeit 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
Paths Out of Dependency
Overcoming Destructive Relationships

"I can't say no; I can't be alone; when I am in a relationship it is as though my whole world disappears" - this is how people afflicted with chronic dependency often describe their behavior.

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Ich traue meiner Wahrnehmung 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
I Trust My Own Perception
Healing After Sexual and Emotional Abuse

People who experienced sexual or emotional abuse as children can often suffer from anxiety and depression or may be at risk of committing suicide, even decades later.

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Die Seele stärken 
Peter Herschbach (ed.)
Strengthening the Soul
How Psychotherapy Can Help Cancer Patients

A diagnosis of cancer is always a shock. Fears, worries and hundreds of questions arise. How will I cope with the dense jungle of treatment options? How will I manage the pressure and the side effects of the cancer treatments? How can I occasionally take a deep breath and regain strength?

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Das Dankbar-Prinzip 
Sabine Dankbar / Monika Homann
The Gratitude Principle
Finding strength and serenity in everyday life

Many people suffer under the pressure to be perfect. What can help us be more satisfied and serene? Sabine Dankbar and Monika Homann explain that the transformative power of gratitude can have positive effects on our lives. The Dankbar-Prinzip® provides a way to find your own sources of strength that allow you to master daily challenges with optimism. It’s a fact: we are not grateful because we are happy. We become happy when we are grateful.

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Die Kunst, sich wertzuschätzen 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
The Art of Appreciating Yourself
Overcoming Fear and Depression – Gaining Self-Confidence

“I’m a loser!” or “I don’t deserve that!” – Almost everyone is familiar with thoughts such as these, which all too often negatively impact our self-esteem. After all, accepting yourself is a substantial source of contentment and happiness in life.

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Lebenslust für alle Fälle 
Andrea Länger
A Zest for Life in Every Situation
Strategies for Body, Mind and Spirit

We know a lot about health, what we should do and what we’d be better off without. But prescribed diets and nutrition plans, training programs for the ideal body, or relaxation at the drop of a hat often only generate stress and time pressures. Those are exactly the factors that are damaging to our health!

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Das kleine Buch gegen Burnout 
Jörg Fengler
The Little Anti-Burnout Book
The Best Strategies to Ward Off Stress and Exhaustion

More and more employees are unable to work due to chronic exhaustion. The reasons for burnout are many: deadline pressure, insufficient teamwork, and lack of recognition from superiors, but also poor time management or perfectionism in oneself.

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