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Wenn Furcht zur Phobie wird 
Hans Morschitzky
When Fear Becomes a Phobia
A Self-Help Program: Understanding and Coping with Specific Phobias

Whether fear of mice, fear of darkness or panic in the elevator – many fears are often completely unfounded but cannot be refuted by reason. Above all, these irrational fears include specific phobias that can be related to very specific fear situations and are among the most frequent anxiety disorders.

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Dem Angstriesen entgegentreten 
Ursula Tirier
Confronting the Giant of Fear
Step by Step to New Joy in Life

Being afraid is completely normal. It protects against dangers and is a part of life. However, fears can be so distressing to people that their lives are more and more restricted. They no longer understand themselves and their behaviour: Their actual fear becomes an anxiety disorder. Logotherapy – a meaning-centred psychotherapy based on Viktor Frankl – can help here.

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Leben mit einem depressiven Partner 
Ulrike Borst
Living with a Partner Suffering from Depression
A Guidebook for Relatives

No other psychological condition occurs as frequently as depression, and this causes suffering not only for the depressed person, but also has a powerful effect on their entire family – not seldom to a degree that they are also in danger of breaking down under the psychological stress.

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Das Geheimnis der Langsamkeit 
Doris Bewernitz
The Secret of Slowness
On Dawdling, Dreaming and Being Brave

When stress gets out of hand, you can literally run out of air. The number of tasks seems to increase from day to day and the to-do lists grow. People train their “functioning” throughout their entire lives, but stopping, dreaming and finding an inner calm are not obviously part of the practice plan. Doris Bewernitz knows the experience of feeling lost between the many deadlines. And she tells about how she has discovered the secret of slowness for her own life. Her path leads to various moments of her own life experience in which time has gained a different quality. Her stories will inspire you to reflect on your own vital energy and encourage you to take the time of your own life into your hands.

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Im Einklang mit sich selbst 
Cornelia Dehner-Rau
In Tune with Yourself
Recognizing Your Own Needs and Taking Them Seriously

Finding out what you really need is not that easy. And neither is meeting these needs. However, both belong to good self-care and therefore to a good life. The physical and emotional needs such as se-curity, relationships or protection of self-esteem must not be neglected. People who know how to meet these needs are less likely to be manipulated and can take a more active approach to their own lives.

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Für helle Köpfe 
Rita Steininger
For Bright Minds
Fitness for the brain

We are exercising the whole body - but pay way too little attention to our mental fitness although the brain needs lifelong, regular stimuli, not only in old age!
Rita Steininger shows that there are many varied possibilities to get the mind running at full capacity – beyond brain-teasers and brain jogging.

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Denken hilft! 
Katharina Ceming
Thinking Helps!
Philosophical impulses for today

To think about yourself and what you are doing offers real advantages. Not only does it make you smarter, it also helps to navigate through the jungle which is called life. This book asks for all aspects of a successful life: How can we cope with changes? How can we shape our lives when security systems fail? What makes me feel satisfied? When do I feel like my life is meaningful?

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Lebe deine Möglichkeiten 
Erich Schechner
Live Your Possibilities
Viktor Frankl and the development of human beings

After the Second World War, Viktor Frankl, founder of logotherapy, moved into the limelight with his work »…Man's Search For Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy«. In this book, he describes his experiences as inmate of Auschwitz. The stunning life journey of the Viennese psychiatrist led him to the foundation of a form of psychotherapy which is guided by the meaning of existence and helps to say an undaunted Yes to life even in abysmal situations.

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Himmel und Hölle 
Burkhard Ciupka-Schön / Hartmut Becks
Heaven and Hell
Recognizing and Overcoming Religious Compulsions

Religious compulsions frequently occur, but are not that easy to recognize. At which point is a pro-nounced faith pathological and when do religious commandments and rituals become straitjackets? An extremely high-minded moral attitude and the fear of divine punishment should the person not meet these requirements are behind religious compulsion.

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Der lange Schatten der Kindheit 
Christian Firus
The Long Shadow of Childhood
Overcoming Emotional Injuries and Traumas

Emotional injuries and traumatic experiences in childhood can have an impact on a person`s entire life. Even if the suffering occurred long ago, feeling, thinking and actions can still be impaired. Christian Firus looks at the whole range of traumatic experiences: This involves physical and sexual violence, as well as emotional injuries such as neglect, emotional abuse and unsuccessful bonding experiences.

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