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Lieber Bruder Franziskus 
Franz von Assisi
Dear Brother Francis

People of faith around the world are excited by Pope Francis. His spontaneity is surprising, his warm-heartedness is touching – and that he chose Francis of Assisi as his namesake leads many people to hope for the advent of a new culture in the Vatican and the Church. What would the saint from Assisi advise the new pope, who, with his selection of a name, made the great saint the measure of his papacy?

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So voll von Leben 
Josef Epping
So Full of Life
Experiences on the Trail of Jesus

How and where can we experience God today? Josef Epping has a very special knack for discovering glimmers of the divine in everyday life, in nature, in art, in music and literature. Observant and thoughtful, he perceives them and transforms them into enjoyable meditations, always keeping in mind the biblical perspective and connections to the stories of Jesus.

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Mensch Martinus 
Uwe Birnstein
Martin, The Man
Why Luther Touches our Hearts

Martin Luther was a stubborn person and a sensitive pastor, a dedicated family man and loyal friend, a man who stood by his fears as well as his faith. Uwe Birnstein elucidates the human side of Luther, one that touches us, not because of the drama, but due to his humanity.

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Hildegard König
Espresso Meditations
At Home with Myself

An espresso is sometimes like a dose of relaxation. It interrupts the daily routine and provides new concentration. When the daily grind is going too fast, only one thing can help: a break – with or without espresso. Look off into the distance, take a breath and open up your senses – so you can be present with yourself again.

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Am Tag der offenen Himmelstür: Nur ein Märchen? 
Andrea Schwarz
Day of the Open Heaven`s Gates:
Just a Fairy Tale?
With colour illustrations by Thomas Plassmann

Saint Peter, who is entrusted with the keys to Heaven`s gate, can no longer find them. Is running Heaven too much work for him? So he has no choice but to ask others about the key and good advice… and experiences an unimaginable surprise in the end!

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Das Geheimnis des Jesus von Nazareth 
Eugen Drewermann / Martin Freytag
The Mystery of Jesus of Nazareth
Eugen Drewermann Answers Young People’s Questions

»How must we imagine a crucifixion 2000 years ago?« »Isn’t the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ a hopelessly excessive demand that just a few super-pious people can comply with at best?« »If Jesus would look at today’s church, what would he say to it?« The questions that Eugen Drewermann answers in this book have been asked by students in religion class. Their teacher, Martin Freytag, has collected the young people’s questions and problem horizons and interviewed the well-known author on their behalf. They range from Jesus’ childhood to his work and his death on the cross. The mystery of Jesus of Nazareth is revealed... - For adolescents in the 10th grade and above –

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Eine Spur ins Leben 
Walter Kardinal Kasper
A Trail into Life
A guide through Lent and Eastertime

Lent and Easter are a special time of year. The Biblical texts during these weeks raise a lot of questions: Why and for what purpose am I here? What’s the point of my life? Where does the trail of life lead me?

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Juli Gudehus
The biblical story of creation in signs

The author Juli Gudehus translated the biblical story of creation into signs from daily life: logos, pictograms, punctuation marks. Even people who stay well clear of the bible will be amazed by this old text in modern hieroglyphs. 25 years after its first publication it is finally back, lovingly equipped, gently updated and an eye-catcher of the special kind.

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Berauschend, schmerzlich und schön 
Peter Kottlorz
Intoxicating, Painful and Beautiful
On Love

Love for life – that is not just a romantic ideal, or a promise made at weddings. The desire for love to remain alive is a deep desire all human beings share. But how is that possible? How can we keep the fire burning?

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Detlef Wendler
Discovering Healing Powers

Autonomous prayer keeps us healthy and contributes to healing – that has even been scientifically proven. Prayer helps us get through difficult times, and improves both the quality of our life and enjoyment of it. It reduces stress, frees us from psychological dependency and fortifies us, and is a source of strength as we overcome destructive habits and thought patterns. But how do we find the right words for prayer in our own hearts? How do we develop prayer rituals and meditations that suit our unique personalities?

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Title: 1 to 10 of 75 Page:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  >>> 
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