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Am Tag der offenen Himmelstür: Nur ein Märchen? 
Andrea Schwarz
Day of the Open Heaven`s Gates:
Just a Fairy Tale?
With colour illustrations by Thomas Plassmann

Saint Peter, who is entrusted with the keys to Heaven`s gate, can no longer find them. Is running Heaven too much work for him? So he has no choice but to ask others about the key and good advice… and experiences an unimaginable surprise in the end!

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Auf Tod und Leben 
Gunther Klosinski / Karl-Josef Kuschel
Life and Death
Encounters with Mortality in Words and Pictures

Life and death form a complex unity; one is unthinkable without the other, and yet they are mutually exclusive. As long as there is life, there is no death. And where death reigns, life is over.

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Barfuß und wild 
Jan Frerichs
Barefoot and Wild
Paths to Your Own Spirituality

A book for people who risk the adventure of seeking God in the middle of life and find themselves as a result. The human being is part of the cosmic cycles – not just on the outside but also on the inside. The human being also wanders through inner »seasons« of spiritual development on the path of life. It is therefore a challenge to rediscover nature as a spiritual guide.

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Berauschend, schmerzlich und schön 
Peter Kottlorz
Intoxicating, Painful and Beautiful
On Love

Love for life – that is not just a romantic ideal, or a promise made at weddings. The desire for love to remain alive is a deep desire all human beings share. But how is that possible? How can we keep the fire burning?

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Detlef Wendler
Discovering Healing Powers

Autonomous prayer keeps us healthy and contributes to healing – that has even been scientifically proven. Prayer helps us get through difficult times, and improves both the quality of our life and enjoyment of it. It reduces stress, frees us from psychological dependency and fortifies us, and is a source of strength as we overcome destructive habits and thought patterns. But how do we find the right words for prayer in our own hearts? How do we develop prayer rituals and meditations that suit our unique personalities?

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Blickkontakt mit dem Unsichtbaren 
Regina Groot Bramel
Eye Contact with the Invisible
Bible Interludes for Each Day of the Year

This is a year-long guide for people who, with all due respect to the seriousness of life and Christian faith, have not forgotten how to laugh. Inspiration from the biblical tradition is evocatively conveyed in literary form: biblical figures become good friends over the course of the year, and stories from the Bible give inspiration for acting in the here and now.

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Christ sein als Lebenskunst 
Klaus Koziol
The Art of Living as a Christian

Being Christian is not just following commandments and teachings, it is an artful way of life. Klaus Koziol outlines various possibilities for succeeding at this artistry. Light and inspiring, but always with thoughtful answers to the piercing questions of his contemporaries, he encourages readers to shape life as an artist would, composed of many details: with creative imagination and playful improvisation – in short, all the things that define art.

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Das Glück hat zwei Räder 
Claudia Nietsch-Ochs / Robert Ochs
Happiness Has Two Wheels
Experiencing life with a bicycle

Claudia Nietsch-Ochs and Robert Ochs ride their bikes daily. In short texts they describe their observations along the way and at the side of the road, their encounters with people and animals, their experiences in every kind of weather and season of the year, also with themselves

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Den anderen Blick wagen 
Klaus Koziol
Daring a Second Look
Finding meaning in life through the wisdom of monks

Can the wisdom of monks and nuns who lived centuries ago be of any help for us today? Yes, especially if you look critically for the central ideas and motivations in their writings. Klaus Koziol does exactly that. He approaches these old texts in a fresh and unusual way, and discovers a fascinating, hidden treasure. Therese of Lisieux, Bernhard of Clairvaux, Benedict of Nursia or Brother Luc of Tibhirine consistently made human beings their focal point – with all our needs, longings, and possibilities.

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Den Reichtum des Lebens entdecken 
Anselm Grün
Discovering the Richness of Life
Biblical Images of a Healing Ministry

The stories of the Bible are images of human life. Anselm Grün renders these Biblical images fertile ground for a healing ministry in the largest sense: for the ways we interact with each other, and how we encounter people who need our help.

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