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Wenn der Geist die Seele berührt 
Wunibald Müller
When the Spirit Touches the Soul
Toward a Dynamic Spirituality

“Not all piety is really pious,” as Karl Rahner is credited with saying. This is also the case when people use religion and spirituality to mask the darkness within them, or to conceal unwanted feelings such as grief, fear or envy. Faith is misused in order to avoid important but difficult processes of development.

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Wieder heil werden 
Andreas von Heyl
Becoming Whole Again
Living in Harmony with Me and the World

On the surface, we have everything we need to live. And yet: gnawing dissatisfaction, quiet sadness or continual exhaustion are a fact of life for many people. Do we really have everything necessary to live? What do we genuinely need? When our soul speaks up with these questions, at the very latest, it’s time to interrupt the busy-ness of everyday life and have a closer look.

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Verweile doch, du hast ja Zeit 
Klaus Nagorni
Stay a While, You Have the Time
Stories that Give Us Room to Breathe

“I don’t have time!” – How often do we hear and say that sentence! More than a few people reach for one of the numerous books promising advice on time management that show us how we can work even more quickly and efficiently. But does an even more thoroughly organized daily life really leave us room to breathe?

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Den Reichtum des Lebens entdecken 
Anselm Grün
Discovering the Richness of Life
Biblical Images of a Healing Ministry

The stories of the Bible are images of human life. Anselm Grün renders these Biblical images fertile ground for a healing ministry in the largest sense: for the ways we interact with each other, and how we encounter people who need our help.

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Fastenwandern mit Leib und Seele 
Yvonne Ginsberg
Fasting & Walking With Body and Soul

Fasting walks are the latest trend. And it’s no wonder, because the combination is ideal. We have long known that fasting is healthy. Walking while fasting had the additional benefits of improving our endurance and activating our senses.

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Lebe mit Leidenschaft 
Wunibald Müller
Live Passionately
A Relaxed Approach to Our Fear of Death

No human being can escape it, and it is good to be prepared when comes: In his new book, popular theologian and therapist Wunibald Müller encourages us to consciously grapple with our fear of death.

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Tu dir doch nicht selber weh 
Anselm Grün
Come On, Don’t Hurt Yourself

“People don’t get hurt unless they hurt themselves.” With this provocative statement, the Benedictine monk Anselm Grün reveals how people reinforce the unhappiness that comes from without through the attitudes they carry within. By doing so, they hurt themselves even more.

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Es gibt keinen Weg, es gibt nur das Gehen 
Ishpriya rscj
There Is No Path, Only the Journey
Hopeful Steps toward the Source of Life

Where are we coming from? Where are we going? Each religious tradition has developed its own answers to these essential human questions. They are helpful guideposts on the journey of life, and yet each person has to find their very own, personal answer to life’s great questions.

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Die Heilkraft der Feste erfahren – Den Jahreskreis neu entdecken 
Hans-Gerhard Behringer
The Healing Power of Celebration: Rediscovering the Liturgical Year

How does life become whole and complete? What is a part of us, wanting to be accepted and integrated, so that we can lead a fulfilling life, and evolve toward greater maturity, wisdom, and satisfaction?

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Der Verwandlung trauen 
Anselm Grün
Trusting in Change
How Our Lives Become Whole

“Spiritual life is not a goal to be achieved, but rather an inner path that wants us to keep changing.” Benedictine monk Anselm Grün encourages his readers to trust in this continual transformation rather than feeling pressure to bring about change themselves, just because this or that doesn’t seem right.

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