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Geborgen wunderbar 
Klaus Nagorni
Wonderfully Secure
Stories that Comfort

Children cry when they skin their knees, but once they are comforted, everything is okay again. As people grow up things get more complicated, but one thing doesn’t change: people need to be consoled and to feel secure. Whether the problem in question is big or small, true words of comfort can support a person through difficult hours and long crises.

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Detlef Wendler
Discovering Healing Powers

Autonomous prayer keeps us healthy and contributes to healing – that has even been scientifically proven. Prayer helps us get through difficult times, and improves both the quality of our life and enjoyment of it. It reduces stress, frees us from psychological dependency and fortifies us, and is a source of strength as we overcome destructive habits and thought patterns. But how do we find the right words for prayer in our own hearts? How do we develop prayer rituals and meditations that suit our unique personalities?

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Berauschend, schmerzlich und schön 
Peter Kottlorz
Intoxicating, Painful and Beautiful
On Love

Love for life – that is not just a romantic ideal, or a promise made at weddings. The desire for love to remain alive is a deep desire all human beings share. But how is that possible? How can we keep the fire burning?

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Hildegard König
Espresso Meditations
At Home with Myself

An espresso is sometimes like a dose of relaxation. It interrupts the daily routine and provides new concentration. When the daily grind is going too fast, only one thing can help: a break – with or without espresso. Look off into the distance, take a breath and open up your senses – so you can be present with yourself again.

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Schritte in die Stille 
Peter Wild
Steps into Silence
The Great Guide to Meditation

Those who meditate soon notice that practicing meditation thrives on two seemingly opposite tendencies: self-disciplined practice and the acceptance of gifts.
In his new book, Peter Wild mainly concentrates on the aspect of practice. Based on his decades of experience teaching meditation workshops, he relates concrete, step-by-step motivations for remaining on the path of practicing meditation.

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Der Verwandlung trauen 
Anselm Grün
Trusting in Change
How Our Lives Become Whole

“Spiritual life is not a goal to be achieved, but rather an inner path that wants us to keep changing.” Benedictine monk Anselm Grün encourages his readers to trust in this continual transformation rather than feeling pressure to bring about change themselves, just because this or that doesn’t seem right.

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Weichen stellen 
Josef Epp
Setting the Course
Inspiration for a Self-Determined Third Stage of Life

Our gratifyingly long life expectancy also provides new challenges. Now more than ever, we are called upon to responsibly manage our own ageing. When we do, we gain many opportunities to change course at an early stage and to overcome fears and concerns.

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Die Heilkraft der Feste erfahren – Den Jahreskreis neu entdecken 
Hans-Gerhard Behringer
The Healing Power of Celebration: Rediscovering the Liturgical Year

How does life become whole and complete? What is a part of us, wanting to be accepted and integrated, so that we can lead a fulfilling life, and evolve toward greater maturity, wisdom, and satisfaction?

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Es gibt keinen Weg, es gibt nur das Gehen 
Ishpriya rscj
There Is No Path, Only the Journey
Hopeful Steps toward the Source of Life

Where are we coming from? Where are we going? Each religious tradition has developed its own answers to these essential human questions. They are helpful guideposts on the journey of life, and yet each person has to find their very own, personal answer to life’s great questions.

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Tu dir doch nicht selber weh 
Anselm Grün
Come On, Don’t Hurt Yourself

“People don’t get hurt unless they hurt themselves.” With this provocative statement, the Benedictine monk Anselm Grün reveals how people reinforce the unhappiness that comes from without through the attitudes they carry within. By doing so, they hurt themselves even more.

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