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Den anderen Blick wagen 
Klaus Koziol
Daring a Second Look
Finding meaning in life through the wisdom of monks

Can the wisdom of monks and nuns who lived centuries ago be of any help for us today? Yes, especially if you look critically for the central ideas and motivations in their writings. Klaus Koziol does exactly that. He approaches these old texts in a fresh and unusual way, and discovers a fascinating, hidden treasure. Therese of Lisieux, Bernhard of Clairvaux, Benedict of Nursia or Brother Luc of Tibhirine consistently made human beings their focal point – with all our needs, longings, and possibilities.

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Loslassen und weitergehen 
Wunibald Müller
Letting Go and Moving On
Steppng into retirement

Anyone who is leaving a career behind has to adjust to many new aspects of life. Wunibald Müller knows from personal experience that the transition to retirement is in many ways tainted by the feeling of not being needed anymore. How can you separate yourself from everything that you will lose from one day to the next, or already had to leave behind?

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Meister Eckhart – Einheit mit Gott 
Dietmar Mieth (ed.)
Meister Eckhart – One with God
The Most Important Writings on Mysticism
Expanded new edition

Even during his lifetime, Meister Eckhart (1260–1328) already had a singular reputation. And today his sermons and theological writings continue to resonate with a spiritual power in which the experience of God is conjoined with acting in the world.

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Regelrecht verrückt 
Anton Zuber
Crazy By Rules!
The Rule of Saint Benedict for Optimists
With illustrations by Ulrich Wörner

One would have to be kind of crazy to take interest in an ancient and outmoded monastic rule, right? But who would have thought that even 1500 years ago, Benedict of Nursia was concerned with essential questions that are still topical today?

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Unergründlich nahe 
Michael Broch
Unfathomably Close
Searching for God

Tormented by apocalyptical fears, Martin Luther once posed his famous question: “How do I find a merciful God?” That is no longer our question; we ask “How do I find God in my life? How can an all-powerful God allow such endless suffering? Does God even exist?” But no matter what form it takes, the question of God has a firm grip on us.

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Weil Leben mehr als machen ist 
Ludger Schulte
Because Living Is More than Doing
On the Other Power of Faith

“What should I do with so much life, I need someone who can live, someone who knows how that goes ...” sings a young band in Berlin. We have lots of possibilities, but perhaps have less and less understanding of how life is supposed to “go”. Reaching for a book of advice or turning to a coach seem like obvious solutions. As important as good advice may be, it often doesn’t penetrate to the root of the anxiety, and the pressure to take charge of your own life is only intensified. Do we have to master everything single-handedly?

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Auf Tod und Leben 
Gunther Klosinski / Karl-Josef Kuschel
Life and Death
Encounters with Mortality in Words and Pictures

Life and death form a complex unity; one is unthinkable without the other, and yet they are mutually exclusive. As long as there is life, there is no death. And where death reigns, life is over.

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Halt machen 
Hans Jörg Fehle
Take a Break
Moments of Calm – Even for Those in a Hurry

Taking a deep breath in the midst of life Finding calm even in the midst of the bustle of everyday life, and creating islands of tranquility even when we’re pressed for time – how is that possible? Those who are willing to be open to the adventure of stillness will find this book a helpful guide.

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Arno Anzenbacher
An Introduction

This introduction to ethics provides a systematic approach to the major themes of philosophical ethics and outlines the historically significant positions on each of them.

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Geborgen wunderbar 
Klaus Nagorni
Wonderfully Secure
Stories that Comfort

Children cry when they skin their knees, but once they are comforted, everything is okay again. As people grow up things get more complicated, but one thing doesn’t change: people need to be consoled and to feel secure. Whether the problem in question is big or small, true words of comfort can support a person through difficult hours and long crises.

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