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Andrea Schwarz
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52 Invitations to Life

What would it be like if »God« were a verb? Andrea Schwarz presents 52 everyday experiences: beginning or letting go, playing or searching, leaving or staying. Only at first glance do the daily routines seem to be ordinary; then it becomes clear that the unexpected hides behind every word. No, this is not a to-do list or an annoying catalog of responsibilities, but rather an invitation.

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Jahre, die uns geschenkt sind 
Erni Kutter
The Years That are Granted to Us
A Spirituality of Aging for Women

Erni Kutter develops a spirituality of growing older with special consideration for the experiences and needs of women who want to consciously enjoy and make the most of the years they have been given.

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Wahrhaftig sein 
Martin Kämpchen
Being Authentic
7 Steps to the Art of Living

To live your own life is everyone's goal and desire - and anything but guaranteed. The longing for an authentic, genuine life is as universal as laments about leading a disaffected one determined by outside factors.

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Die Seele geht am liebsten zu Fuß 
Peter Müller
The Soul Prefers to Walk
My Pilgrimage for at Home and Underway

In his new book, Peter Müller invites us to pursue the trail of pilgrims’ wisdom. He finds these insights in his own pilgrimage experiences and those of other pilgrims, but above all in meaningful stories and sayings from a diverse range of religions and cultural circles.

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Gott lässt grüßen 
Andrea Schwarz
Greetings from God
52 discoveries

How a teacup can structure your day, why a picture frame can change our image of God, or finding that a pair of scissors unleashes a feeling of gratitude... In her latest book, Andrea Schwarz took a close look at ordinary objects in her home. And she soon became aware that nothing is everyday and ordinary.

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Lieber Bruder Franziskus 
Franz von Assisi
Dear Brother Francis

People of faith around the world are excited by Pope Francis. His spontaneity is surprising, his warm-heartedness is touching – and that he chose Francis of Assisi as his namesake leads many people to hope for the advent of a new culture in the Vatican and the Church. What would the saint from Assisi advise the new pope, who, with his selection of a name, made the great saint the measure of his papacy?

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Sternstunden und Hoffnungsschimmer 
Martina Kreidler-Kos
Starry Nights and a Shimmer of Hope
Thoughts Toward a Restful Night

»When a long day comes to a close, I finally calm down. Then I have a little time for myself. Sometimes, though, that is when I feel an inner restlessness. I can’t shake questions such as: Will I manage to do everything that’s running through my head? What will I have to deal with tomorrow? What will the future bring?« When your mind won’t allow you any peace, it is hard to fall asleep.

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Was ich dir schenken will 
Ute Latendorf
What I Want to Give You
Provisions for Life
New edition

In this beautifully designed book, Ute Latendorf writes insightfully and cleverly about the many facets of life. She talks about love and fear, about backbone and trust, about dreaming and failing. Her texts are nourishment for the soul of young and old alike, and provisions for life.

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Wie ein Traum wird es sein 
Lothar Zenetti
It Will Be Like a Dream
Texts of Confidence

Lothar Zenetti is a master of language. His poems, prayers and song lyrics are among the classics of modern Christian literature. And they are the expression of a faith in which people today find themselves. Without pious phrases, Zenetti speaks about our dreams and the longing for love and belonging.

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Mein Leben leuchten lassen 
Martina Kreidler-Kos / Niklaus Kuster / Ancilla Roettger
Letting My Life Shine
Praying with Clare and Francis of Assisi Today

Francis and Clare of Assisi were praying people. They left behind a plethora of beautiful writings that allow something of God’s presence to shine through, prayers that illuminate what is often hidden by the fog of responsibilities or the darkness of our worries.

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