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Ein Physiker und eine Philosophin spielen mit der Zeit 
Harald Lesch / Ursula Forstner
A Physicist and a Philosopher Play with Time
With a foreword by Karlheinz Geissler

It surrounds us and yet is difficult to explain. It structures our private and professional lives through appointments, production specifications and a time change twice a year. In this fascinating and entertaining book, questions related to the mysterious phenomenon of "time" are discussed and explored.

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Erwachen und Erlösung 
Sylvia Wetzel
Awakening and Redemption
A Buddhist Woman Interprets Christianity

It appears as if the religions are rather at odds with each other than in a dialogue. But in this process, each of them reminds us in its own way that the world is permeated by a deeper reality. Are religious truths the same and just named and described in a different way? Is what is expressed by »Christ« possibly the same as the »Buddha Nature«?

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Goldadern der Hoffnung 
Franz Kamphaus
Golden Veins of Hope
Words About Life

If you ask Franz Kamphaus where he gets his ability to speak so emphatically and accurately, he shakes his head with a little smile and shrugs his shoulders. Trenchant sentences that hit the mark from his speeches and works resonate in our ears and continue to accompany our thoughts for long afterwards have been compiled into this lovingly designed book.

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Ins Offene gehen 
Michael Albus
Going Into the Open
Steps to an Appropriate Spirituality

Increasingly more people are experiencing their lives and the world as confusing. Our lifestyle is fast, breathless, and fragmentary. There is a great longing for holistic experience and balance. Michael Albus, journalist and theologian, shares these excessive demands and the longing to be whole.

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Der Tanz von Himmel und Erde 
Anton Rotzetter
The Dance of Heaven and Earth
Words Like Songs - Spiritual Texts

»Words want to take root,« says one of Anton Rotzetter's texts. The words of the well-known Swiss author are rooted in listening to the Bible, as well as in his astonishment in view of Creation. »Brother Anton,« as he called himself, speaks a language that goes into the blood like music with a rhythm that moves us. Its contents have rhyme and reason

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Was ich dir schenken will 
Ute Latendorf
What I Want to Give You
Provisions for Life
New edition

In this beautifully designed book, Ute Latendorf writes insightfully and cleverly about the many facets of life. She talks about love and fear, about backbone and trust, about dreaming and failing. Her texts are nourishment for the soul of young and old alike, and provisions for life.

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Das Geheimnis des Jesus von Nazareth 
Eugen Drewermann / Martin Freytag
The Mystery of Jesus of Nazareth
Eugen Drewermann Answers Young People’s Questions

»How must we imagine a crucifixion 2000 years ago?« »Isn’t the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ a hopelessly excessive demand that just a few super-pious people can comply with at best?« »If Jesus would look at today’s church, what would he say to it?« The questions that Eugen Drewermann answers in this book have been asked by students in religion class. Their teacher, Martin Freytag, has collected the young people’s questions and problem horizons and interviewed the well-known author on their behalf. They range from Jesus’ childhood to his work and his death on the cross. The mystery of Jesus of Nazareth is revealed... - For adolescents in the 10th grade and above –

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Juli Gudehus
The biblical story of creation in signs

The author Juli Gudehus translated the biblical story of creation into signs from daily life: logos, pictograms, punctuation marks. Even people who stay well clear of the bible will be amazed by this old text in modern hieroglyphs. 25 years after its first publication it is finally back, lovingly equipped, gently updated and an eye-catcher of the special kind.

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Weil du groß bist 
Thomas Knöller
Because You are Great
Soul food

Every child knows how important a good diet is for the body. But how do you nourish your soul? The texts of Thomas Knöller are just that: soul food. Unlike chocolate, you will not become fat; at most you will become addicted… Our recommendation: once per day whenever you feel like it!

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Wie aus Hülsen Worte werden 
Klaus Mertes
How Catchwords Become Real Words
New Spelling for Faith

Language changes and the ideas that we associate with certain terms also change. The Church has been preaching the Gospel for 2000 years, but much of the Church vocabulary hardly sounds like good news today anymore. Much of it seems like empty snail shells in which a different animal now lives. New meanings have been inserted into the old words, the actual intention of a statement is hardly recognisable anymore and what is self-evident becomes misunderstood.

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