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Juli Gudehus
The biblical story of creation in signs

The author Juli Gudehus translated the biblical story of creation into signs from daily life: logos, pictograms, punctuation marks. Even people who stay well clear of the bible will be amazed by this old text in modern hieroglyphs. 25 years after its first publication it is finally back, lovingly equipped, gently updated and an eye-catcher of the special kind.

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Weil du groß bist 
Thomas Knöller
Because You are Great
Soul food

Every child knows how important a good diet is for the body. But how do you nourish your soul? The texts of Thomas Knöller are just that: soul food. Unlike chocolate, you will not become fat; at most you will become addicted… Our recommendation: once per day whenever you feel like it!

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Mensch Martinus 
Uwe Birnstein
Martin, The Man
Why Luther Touches our Hearts

Martin Luther was a stubborn person and a sensitive pastor, a dedicated family man and loyal friend, a man who stood by his fears as well as his faith. Uwe Birnstein elucidates the human side of Luther, one that touches us, not because of the drama, but due to his humanity.

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Segen auf See 
Katharina Plehn-Martins
Blessings at Sea
Take a cruise with the chaplain

Whether the ship is headed for the North Cape, anchored near Naples, or at Santorini, the ship’s chaplain is always on duty. She keeps her ears open for anyone eager to have a conversation, because in the calm of vacation, or at least some distance from everyday routine, and surrounded by vast oceans, existential themes come to the surface.

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Die spirituelle Weisheit der Bäume 
Pierre Stutz
The Spiritual Wisdom of Trees
A journey of discovery
With photos by Andrea Göppel

The texts in this volume were created in dialogue with trees. They tell of the divine life force that animates all things. Pierre Stutz’s poems and thoughts engage in a deep dialogue with the life force of the trees. The design includes photographs by Andrea Göppel that were taken exclusively for this book.

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Das Glück hat zwei Räder 
Claudia Nietsch-Ochs / Robert Ochs
Happiness Has Two Wheels
Experiencing life with a bicycle

Claudia Nietsch-Ochs and Robert Ochs ride their bikes daily. In short texts they describe their observations along the way and at the side of the road, their encounters with people and animals, their experiences in every kind of weather and season of the year, also with themselves

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Wenn der Glaube konkret wird 
Franz Kamphaus
When Faith Becomes Concrete
The Sermon on the Mount
Edited by Regina Groot Bramel

Jesus sits on the summit and proclaims one unreasonable demand after the other with a friendly smile. The Sermon on the Mount, which is the heart of the New Testament, is something like the calm eye of the storm. It appears peaceful but has explosive power and can sweep away all human standards. »Love your enemies.« »Blessed are the poor in spirit.« »Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness.« Even if we seriously try to do this: Is this feasible? To do good to those who hate us and practice peacefulness even at the price of suffering – that seems like too much to ask!

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Barfuß und wild 
Jan Frerichs
Barefoot and Wild
Paths to Your Own Spirituality

A book for people who risk the adventure of seeking God in the middle of life and find themselves as a result. The human being is part of the cosmic cycles – not just on the outside but also on the inside. The human being also wanders through inner »seasons« of spiritual development on the path of life. It is therefore a challenge to rediscover nature as a spiritual guide.

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Tastender Glaube 
Franz Kamphaus
Tangible Faith
Inspiration for a Liturgical Year of St. Matthew

Franz Kamphaus, Bishop of Limburg for many years, is a master at finding diamonds in the rough within the mountain of biblical texts, polishing them and presenting them in just the right setting that allows them to shine. In this book he elucidates the approximately 65 texts from the gospels of Matthew and John that are read during Sunday and holiday services throughout lectionary year A, offering surprising insights and memorable turns of phrase.

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Am Tag der offenen Himmelstür: Nur ein Märchen? 
Andrea Schwarz
Day of the Open Heaven`s Gates:
Just a Fairy Tale?
With colour illustrations by Thomas Plassmann

Saint Peter, who is entrusted with the keys to Heaven`s gate, can no longer find them. Is running Heaven too much work for him? So he has no choice but to ask others about the key and good advice… and experiences an unimaginable surprise in the end!

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Title: 1 to 10 of 66 Page:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  >>> 
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