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Trump – Du sollst keine anderen Götter neben mir haben 
Andreas G. Weiß
Trump: You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me

The presidency of Donald Trump has changed the world. The real estate developer who became a political leader has raced into the foundations of the political order at a speed that appears to have spared little of the democratic ideals from recent decades. What has happened and how should we respond to it?

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Warum ich Christ bin 
Predrag Bukovec / Christoph Tröbinger (eds.)
Why I am Christian
26 Responses from Personalities of the Present

Those who believe in God today and live consciously as Christians increasingly belong to a minority. The editors of this illuminating volume have therefore asked personalities of public life about why they are Christians. 26 contributors have agreed to respond.

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Die Zukunft unserer Kirchengebäude 
Hubertus Halbfas
The Future of Our Church Buildings
Problems and Solutions

The Catholic Church in Germany has about 24,000 church buildings; on the Protestant side, there are 20,500 churches and chapels, as well as 3,100 community centres with a church service room. Due to the decreasing numbers of church members and people who participate in church services, their existence is endangered: There is a threat of reconstruction, conversion and demolition.

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Vater unser 
Walter Kardinal Kasper
The Lord´s Prayer
The Revolution of Jesus

»The Lord's Prayer« is by far the most precious prayer for Christians since it stems from Jesus per-sonally. Walter Kardinal Kasper, German cardinal and world-class theologian, makes it possible to understand the Lord's Prayer in a well-founded and comprehensible way from three different perspec-tives: The Lord's Prayer should first be understood on the basis of Jewish prayer tradition because every sentence is already in some way found in the Jewish heritage and has parallels in synagogue prayer.

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Zeit der liebenden Aufmerksamkeit 
Christoph Kardinal Schönborn
Time of Loving Attention
A Companion for Lent and Easter

Cardinal Schönborn is an internationally recognised theologian. Even as an archbishop, he has always remained a pastor. For many years, he has written weekly meditative impulses on the Gospel of Sunday that translate the message of Jesus into everyday life.

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Pro Pope Francis 
Paul M. Zulehner / Tomáš Halík
Pro Pope Francis
Worldwide support from the People of the Church for Pope Francis and His Church Course

He is a breath of fresh air for the Roman Catholic Church: the Bishop of Rome, for which the »Cardinals have gone to the ends of the earth to get one« as he said during his first speech the central bal-cony of St. Peter's Basilica. He courageously continues the path of the Council. He reforms the Curia. He sees the action of the Spirit of God not only in Rome but in all continents. For this reason he con-tinuously calls for local Bishops´ Conferences. He also listens to those affected, for example remarried people who would like to model their lives according to the Gospel.

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Kickt die Kirche aus dem Koma 
Jacqueline Straub
Kicks the Church Out of the Coma
A Young Woman Demands Reforms Now

For the most part, the Catholic Church doesn’t present itself as an image of flourishing life in Europe. Especially with the younger generation, it has great difficulty in finding a connection. The old church and young people – instead of a difficult relationship, this has often long become a total lack of rela-tionship. Some Church leaders seem to have come to terms with this. On the other hand, Jacqueline Straub doesn’t want to accept this. As a committed young Catholic woman, she demands that her Church not give up on her.

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Was ist Glück? Nachher weiß man es 
Arnold Stadler
What is Happiness? We Know Afterwards
Picture of a Life

Arnold Stadler’s texts, especially his novels, have an autobiographical background. Perhaps this is why they touch on the questions that concern every human being – above all, those about personal identity and its roots. What is it that defines, shapes and moulds us, releasing us into life yet always remaining near us no matter where we go, and even if this is in the form of phantom pain? God is also present in his absence for Stadler. He has never let go of him, the man who wanted to become a priest. »God is more than what we can say about him«, Stadler knows, but this isn’t an excuse for neglecting to get an idea of him. Love is also such a big word. For Stadler, it isn’t a noun but a verb – an action word.

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Suche Frieden 
Stefan Vesper (ed.)
Seek Peace
People Talk About a Longing That Never Stops

Outer and inner, social and personal peace is the basis on which life can thrive. Even if we have taken peace for granted during recent decades in our latitudes, the endangered, vulnerable and fleeting nature of this substance that we all need becomes increasingly clear. Peace doesn’t just simply exist and arise on its own. »Seek peace and pursue it!« was already called for in Psalm 34.

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Erneuerung und Einheit 
Kurt Kardinal Koch
Renewal and Unity
A Plea for More Ecumenism

No Church can still afford to invest its strength in the separation from other Churches. Instead, the Word of God must be mutually proclaimed in a society that has become mostly foreign to God. Cardinal Koch therefore understands the view of the main questions that are controversially discussed between the separated Churches not as a full stop but as a colon: What has already been achieved between the Churches is an incentive for greater unity and the mutual confession to Christ.

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