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Martin Luther 
Walter Kardinal Kasper
Martin Luther
An Ecumenical Perspective

On October 31st 2016, Pope Francis and top representatives of the Lutheran World Federation have led the ecumenical commemoration ceremony in Lund, Sweden (place of foundation of the Lutheran World Federation) on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Reformation. »Many Christians are rightly expecting that remembrance of 500 years of Reformation will bring us one step forward ecumenically to reaching the goal of unity. We must not disappoint those expectations.« With these words Walter Cardinal Kasper starts his essay on Martin Luther and coming from the German-born Cardinal, such words are a clear signal.

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Hoffnung für eine unfertige Welt 
Jürgen Moltmann / Eckart Löhr
Hope for an Incomplete World

Jürgen Moltmann is known as the political theological with social and religious relevance. His very unique profile, his special powers of conviction and ability to convince others, and last but not least, his comprehensive body of theological work (Theologie der Hoffnung, Gott in der Schöpfung, Der lebendige Gott and die Fülle des Lebens) have had considerable impact on thought and actions in German society and internationally for decades. Now he sets priorities, once again.

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Menschenbilder - Gottesbilder 
Christoph Heil / Rudolf Hoppe (eds.)
Images of People - Images of God
Understanding the Parables of Jesus

Jesus’ parables were never purely about God or reassurance about the existence of an afterlife. His proclamations about God are always based in actual, real life. When referring to God, he never loses sight of humankind

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Das Flüchtlingskind in Gottes Hand 
Thomas Söding / Robert Vorholt
The Refugee Child in God´s Hands
The Timeliness of the Christmas Message

As beautiful as Christmas is, the Christmas story is a scandal. How can it be that a heavily pregnant woman is forced to make a long trip? How can it be that a king murders small children to secure his power? How can it be that he forces a family with an infant to flee? This scandal is still happening today, thousand-fold. The Christmas Gospel is more political than ever.

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Gottvertrauen und Menschenliebe 
Klaus Koziol
Trust in God and Human Kindness
Pope John XXIII – His Spirituality for Today

Elected in 1958 as a “stop-gap” pope, he died in 1963 as one of the great popes of the twentieth century: Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli – Pope John XXIII. Less than 90 days after his election, he unexpectedly called for an ecumenical council and thus initiated an entirely unanticipated upheaval in the Catholic church.

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Weil wir im Herzen Pilger sind 
Wolfgang Schneller
Because We Are Pilgrims at Heart
Our Christian Faith Grows Along the Way

Christians are familiar with this conflict: their faith is rooted in tradition, and yet there is always an element of incompleteness, as it is important to remain open to God’s ways in the here and now. Pilgrimage is thus not only an expression of faith, but rather the quintessential image of faith itself: Christians are people on a path.

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Marias Panzerhemd und Josefs Hosen 
Josef Imbach
Mary's Mail Shirt and Joseph's Pants
Curiosities and Hidden Secrets in Christian Art

A woman wearing the papal crown, Joseph taking off his pants next to the manger or Mary placing a talisman around her son’s neck – these and other curiosities can be found in Christian art, even in the most sacred halls of the Vatican. What might these images mean? Do they indicate that the Inquisition was a failure?

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Lieber Bruder Benedikt 
Dear Brother Benedict

In these new epistles, cleverly and with humor, Paul challenges Pope Benedict to take long overdue steps toward reform. As usual, he speaks in plain terms: "You stand for a church of tradition that rather than enthusiastically allowing the fervor of the beginning to burn, instead guards the ashes, fearfully and in isolation."

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Der Bibel-TÜV 
Thomas Hartmann
Putting the Bible to the Test
The Book of Books - Rusty or Relevant?

For many people, the Bible is still the guidebook by which they live. But can a text written so long ago and in a foreign culture still be valid for us today? Thomas Hartmann puts the Bible on the test stand with contemporary questions. What does it say about love and sexuality, alcohol and drug use, or euthanasia?

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Dummheit ist Sünde 
Hans Conrad Zander
"Stupidity Is a Sin"
St. Thomas Aquinas Interviewed by Hans Conrad Zander

St. Thomas Aquinas (1224–1274) was a philosopher and theologian whose influence has been felt through the centuries. His writings and teachings still play a notable role in the Catholic Church. He stands for Christianity combined with common sense.

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