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Warum folgten sie Hitler? 
Stephan Marks
Why Did They Follow Hitler?
The Psychology of National Socialism

How could it be that millions of people – including intelligent and well-educated people – became loyal followers of Hitler? What drove those “perfectly typical” men and women to support his regime? Based on unique sources – interviews with former Nazis – Stephan Marks works out answers to these questions.

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Scham – die tabuisierte Emotion 
Stephan Marks
A Forbidden Emotion

We are all familiar with situations in which we feel shame. Nevertheless, we are rarely conscious of this emotion, which is perhaps the most painful to experience. In fact, shame could be called the “Cinderella” among our emotions (Léon Wurmser).

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Die heilende Kraft des Schreibens 
Brigitte Schulte / Barbara Schulte-Steinicke / Lutz von Werder
The Healing Power of Writing

Our own biography is a treasure trove, but also includes painful experiences that have not yet been processed. Writing can be a means to deal with our own life history in a gentle way and resolve our conflicts with it.

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Körpereigene Drogen 
Josef Zehentbauer
No Side Effects - Guaranteed
Your Body's Own Drugs

Many people use psychopharmaceuticals to affect their performance and abilities. But not many know that the human body produces its own substances that can give us a boost.

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Big Five 
Thomas Saum-Aldehoff
The Big Five
Knowing Yourself and Others

Some people are able to approach complete strangers with envious ease, while others stand on the sidelines at parties. Whereas some people go through life light-heartedly, others brood over every slight and mishap. What makes us different from one another, and why do we behave as we do?

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Drei sind einer zuviel 
Regine Schneider / Kerstin Schneider
Three’s a Crowd
How to Give Your Ex-Partner the Boot and Enjoy Your New Relationship

“Don’t get mad – get everything”, Ivana Trump famously declared after she divorced Donald Trump and claimed a $25 million settlement. When former partners decide to exact revenge, it can affect far more than your bank account.

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Björn Süfke
Men's Souls
A Psychological Travel Guide

Why do men have so much trouble expressing their feelings? Questions like “How was your day?”, “How are things going?” or “How do you feel?” are often met with responses like an incoherent mumble, a quick change of subject, or an empty platitude … because men often aren’t quite sure how things are going for them just then!

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Peter Düweke
Appreciation: Nothing Can Happen Without It!
How Respect and Acknowledgement Determine Our Lives

Appreciation is as important for our lives as the air we breathe. A lack of appreciation can make us ill. Appreciation is also necessary in dealing with people who have different interests and who come from different generations and cultures. It is the cement that holds society together.

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Title: 1 to 8 of 8 Page:  1 
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