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Anhängerkupplung gesucht! 
Tjerk Ridder / Peter Bijl
In Search of a Trailer Hitch!
You Need Others to Keep You Going
With a foreword by Herman van Veen

The Dutch and their trailers are a typical image. But Tjerk Ridder and Peter Bijl do the cliché one better. Together with their dachshund Dachs, they hitchhike all across Europe for three months with a camping trailer – but without a car!

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Andy Holzer
Balancing Act
How a Blind Man Climbs the World’s Highest Mountains

Andy Holzer cannot see the mountains. But this blind mountaineer can still take everything in, as he has proven in his expeditions to the world’s highest mountain peaks. His senses of hearing, smell, taste and touch provide him with enough information to assemble a precise image of the world.

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Der ganz große Wurf 
Steffi Nerius / Armin Himmelrath
The Truly Great Throw
Applying the Mental Strategies of a World Champion in Everyday Life

Physical fitness and the proper technique aren’t everything. Anyone who wants to stand in the winner’s circle also has to be mentally tough. And no one knows better just how crucial the “head” is for success than elite athlete Steffi Nerius who despite many hardships and obstacles always kept her goal of the world championship title in sight.

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Der große Abflug 
Sabine Mehne
The Great Departure
How I Lost the Fear of Death Through my near-death Experience

Dying doesn't have to be a deadly serious thing. After Sabine Mehne had a near-death experience during her battle with cancer, the thought of death no longer makes her worry. On the contrary, she now feels dying has to do with freedom, luminance, and yes, even joy.

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Der Junge vom Saturn 
Peter Schmidt
The Boy From Saturn
How an Autistic Child Sees the World

Peter is a strange boy. When he is happy, he flaps his arms like a bird. In school he bites other children because he has been told to buckle down, or “bite his way through” (durchbeißen in German). And at home he studies flecks of light on the wall for hours, because it emits such gleeful sounds.

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Der Kampf geht weiter – Damit Frauen in Würde leben können 
Lea Ackermann
The Fight Goes On – So Women Can Live in Dignity
A biographical portrait by and with Michael Albus

»If Sister Lea Ackermann hadn’t ended up with the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa, she could have become a revolutionary or head of state. Her combination of a powerful sense of justice, outrage, and ability to take action is explosive,« proclaimed none other than the women’s magazine EMMA.

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Der lange Abschied 
Hans Jürgen Herber / Ulrich Beckers
The Long Goodbye
When my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 40

When a woman is diagnosed with an incurable illness at the age of forty and her husband pledges to stand by her side through everything and anything, it may seem self-evident. When this illness not only weakens his beloved wife, but also causes her to disappear as a person like a pencil drawing being erased right before his eyes, then it takes on an entirely different dimension.

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Der Straßensammler 
Peter Schmidt
The Street Collector
The Incredible Adventures of an Autistic World Traveler

Travel is by nature unpredictable. And autistic people hate unpredictability. That makes it all the more surprising that Peter Schmidt, diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, wants to collect all the roads of the world, but his longing and passion for collecting are stronger than the fear of the unknown.

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Du wachst auf, und dein Leben ist weg 
Max Rinneberg / Ulrich Beckers
You Wake Up and Your Life is Gone
The story of my memory loss
With Ulrich Beckers

The 17-year old Max Rinneberg lost his memory after he fell down the stairs. When he woke up in hospital, he didn´t recognize his parents and friends anymore. He even didn´t get anything out of his former hobbies like running marathon or playing soccer. Although he can still speak and write and knows everyday objects, he has lost his episodic memory, the archive of the personal history.

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Ein Kaktus zum Valentinstag 
Peter Schmidt
A Valentine’s Day Cactus
Autism and Love

He prefers to observe people from behind, because trouser seams are more interesting than faces. Presumably, he would not recognize his wife if he saw her on the street. Peter Schmidt is a person with autism. An invisible wall separates him from other people. He cannot understand others’ feelings, nor can he interpret their facial expressions.

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