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Lockruf des Lebens 
Beate Hofmann / Olaf Hofmann
Siren Call of Life
Our Family Sabbatical in Canada

There’s no overtime in life! But there is such a thing as “too late” for unrealized dreams. Beate and Olaf Hofmann didn’t want to wait that long. They gave up everything safe and secure in Germany to fulfill a life-long dream with their ten-year-old daughter Nora: to spend a year in the wide-open spaces of western Canada as a family, without time pressure.

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Wenn das Glück mit dem Schwanz wedelt 
Susanne Preusker
When Happiness Wags Its Tail
Why Dogs Are the Best Therapists

Emmi is an attack dog, but fortunately, she doesn’t know it. She also doesn’t know that Susanne once led a totally different life. That was before she spent seven hours at the mercy of a sex offender and, severely traumatized, found her life had completely changed. But Emmi helped Susanne regain her health, because Emmi knows that getting a treat from her owner is the most beautiful thing on earth.

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Ein Kaktus zum Valentinstag 
Peter Schmidt
A Valentine’s Day Cactus
Autism and Love

He prefers to observe people from behind, because trouser seams are more interesting than faces. Presumably, he would not recognize his wife if he saw her on the street. Peter Schmidt is a person with autism. An invisible wall separates him from other people. He cannot understand others’ feelings, nor can he interpret their facial expressions.

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Gudrun Pflüger
Wolf Spirit
My Story of Wolves and Wonder

She lives in the Canadian wilderness, follows the trail of the coastal wolves, and spends an entire afternoon in the midst of a pack of wild wolves – a true sensation. For wildlife biologist Gudrun Pflüger, her encounters with wolves provide an inexhaustible source of optimism and trust.

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Zuhal Soyhan
My Adventurous Life with ‘Brittle Bone Disease’

As a three-year-old child, Zuhal Soyhan was buried by an earthquake in her home town in Turkey, and only found seven hours later, her bones shattered. The diagnosis: Osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bone disease. Three years in a Munich hospital, ten years in the custody of a home for the physically handicapped, around a hundred broken bones and countless operations followed. But complaining or giving up were out of the question for the 1.3 meter tall Zuhal.

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Sieben Stunden im April 
Susanne Preusker
Seven Hours in April
My Story of Survival

April 2009: Ten days before her wedding, Susanne Preusker experienced a catastrophe. At her workplace, a high security prison, the prison psychologist was held captive for seven hours by an inmate convicted of sexual offenses, threatened with death and raped multiple times. Susanne Preusker provides an unvarnished and precise account of the unimaginable, the fear for her life, but also how she survived after the trauma.

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Andy Holzer
Balancing Act
How a Blind Man Climbs the World’s Highest Mountains

Andy Holzer cannot see the mountains. But this blind mountaineer can still take everything in, as he has proven in his expeditions to the world’s highest mountain peaks. His senses of hearing, smell, taste and touch provide him with enough information to assemble a precise image of the world.

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Kämpfe für dein Leben 
Charly Graf / Armin Himmelrath
Fight for Your Life

Charly Graf’s life story is Hollywood material: a dark-skinned boy from a housing project in Mannheim rises to become a celebrated star in the German boxing world. But along with success come the wrong kind of friends. He slips into the criminal scene and lands in prison.

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Der ganz große Wurf 
Steffi Nerius / Armin Himmelrath
The Truly Great Throw
Applying the Mental Strategies of a World Champion in Everyday Life

Physical fitness and the proper technique aren’t everything. Anyone who wants to stand in the winner’s circle also has to be mentally tough. And no one knows better just how crucial the “head” is for success than elite athlete Steffi Nerius who despite many hardships and obstacles always kept her goal of the world championship title in sight.

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Meine Kraft ist die Hoffnung 
Nais Mason
My Strength Is Hope

Beaten, deceived and infected with HIV by her own husband, Nais Mason was left to fend for herself in her Kenyan homeland after his death. But Nais refused to give in to fate. Instead, she decided to fight for herself and the future of her children.

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