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Ann Helena Neudek
Utterly Alone
The Scars of my Childhood and How I Found my Way in Life

»The beating had stopped. I cowered in the small tub. My mother sat in front of me and cried as she massaged her swollen hands.«

For years, Ann Helena Neudek was beaten and humiliated by her parents. From the outside they seemed to be a well-to-do, storybook family, but behind the facade violence and fear reigned. Depression and suicidal thoughts accompanied her into adulthood.

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Der lange Abschied 
Hans Jürgen Herber / Ulrich Beckers
The Long Goodbye
When my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 40

When a woman is diagnosed with an incurable illness at the age of forty and her husband pledges to stand by her side through everything and anything, it may seem self-evident. When this illness not only weakens his beloved wife, but also causes her to disappear as a person like a pencil drawing being erased right before his eyes, then it takes on an entirely different dimension.

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Mein Leben ohne mich 
Carola Thimm / Diana Müller
My Life Without Me
How I Experienced Five Years in a Coma

A personal story can hardly be more dramatic. Carola Thimm was five months pregnant when an aneurysm in her brain burst. She fell into a persistent vegetative state, was artificially fed, could not speak and did not respond to stimuli. Carola Thimm didn’t even experience the birth of her daughter. For five years she remained in this condition, until she slowly became conscious again.

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Felix Klieser
A French Horn Player Without Arms Conquers the World
In collaboration with Céline Lauer

As a four-year-old, Felix Klieser announced to his parents out of the blue: “I want a French horn!” Young Felix rejected the local music school’s suggestions to try a recorder or xylophone instead. Nothing other than a French horn would do, despite the fact that he was about as ill-suited for that instrument as he could possibly be: he was born without arms. But Felix took lessons and practiced like someone possessed. And he was successful.

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Kein Anschluss unter diesem Kollegen 
Peter Schmidt
This Connection Is Not in Service
An Autistic at Work

Even as a child, Peter Schmidt knew everything about planets, deserts and volcanoes. And earning his degree in geophysics was a breeze. But when he wants to turn his passion into a profession, the problems begin. He doesn’t recognize his colleagues’ faces, and he is so honest with clients that he undermines his boss’s marketing strategy. This is because Peter Schmidt has autism: highly gifted in his specialization, but socially handicapped.

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Nicht jeder Fleck muss weg 
Freddy Leck
Not Every Stain Has to Come Clean
Tales From the Life of a Laundromat Owner
In collaboration with Uli Beckers

The scent of fabric softener, the splashing of the water in the drums: Freddy Leck loves his washing machines – and his customers! Whether they are professors, grandmas or cowboys stranded in the big city, everyone is welcome in Freddy Leck’s laundromat. The bizarre stories Freddy shares in his book, in a comic yet loving way, actually took place (or nearly so) in the laundromat.

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Ich hab jetzt die gleiche Frisur wie Opa 
Kathrin Feldhaus / Margarethe Mehring-Fuchs (eds.)
Now My Hair Looks Just Like Grandpa’s
How Sick Children and Teens View Life

“My greatest desire is to go to school and have two hours of math. It's really weird that now I long to do things I used to hate.” Sevval is 16 and seriously ill, like all the children and teenagers who have their say in this special book. In many ways, of course, they are perfectly normal kids and teenagers.

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Anhängerkupplung gesucht! 
Tjerk Ridder / Peter Bijl
In Search of a Trailer Hitch!
You Need Others to Keep You Going
With a foreword by Herman van Veen

The Dutch and their trailers are a typical image. But Tjerk Ridder and Peter Bijl do the cliché one better. Together with their dachshund Dachs, they hitchhike all across Europe for three months with a camping trailer – but without a car!

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Der Junge vom Saturn 
Peter Schmidt
The Boy From Saturn
How an Autistic Child Sees the World

Peter is a strange boy. When he is happy, he flaps his arms like a bird. In school he bites other children because he has been told to buckle down, or “bite his way through” (durchbeißen in German). And at home he studies flecks of light on the wall for hours, because it emits such gleeful sounds.

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Licht ohne Schatten 
Sabine Mehne
Light Without Shadows
Living With a Near-Death Experience
With an afterword by Pim van Lommel

Bang! Hurtled out into another dimension. When the pain became unbearable, Sabine Mehne left her body. Suddenly she saw herself from above, lying in a hospital bed. She was bathed in a healing light and felt infinitely free. But no one – and she least of anyone – understood what had happened to her.

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