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Niklaus Brantschen -
ISBN: 978-3-8436-1078-0
Hardcover with book ribbon
128 pages
Format 13 x 21 cm
EUR 16.00

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»I Didn’t Swear Enough«

The Zen master and Jesuit in a conversation with Ursula Eichenberger
»We chose eight places, each of which represents a period of ten years in Niklaus Brantschen’s life of more than eighty years. This is where we took walks and hikes between autumn 2016 and winter 2017. The return to formative sites and walking the familiar paths allowed memories to come to life, create a connection with bygone times and brought the smells, sounds and encounters into the present.« The conversations between Niklaus Brantschen and Ursula Eichenberger on the road, as well as with his companions, are collected in this book: These are talks about this and that, God, the world and, above all, Niklaus Brantschen’s life and thoughts that have accompanied him on the path up to now. This circumspect book is full of vital viewpoints, insights and outlooks. Meticulously designed with colour pictures by the photo artist Jakob Thür SJ.
Eight decades - eight stages in life - eight tasks
Insights into the spiritual teacher’s life
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