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Eugen Drewermann -
ISBN: 978-3-8436-0818-3
Hardcover with dust jacket
406 pages
Format 14 x 22 cm
EUR 36.00

Information sheet

Finance, Peace, Freedom

Capital and Christianity (Volume 2)
More, faster, further: the prevailing doctrine of perpetual growth is not only dangerous, it is destructive. More and more products are thrown into the market, to the detriment of poor populations and nature.
Eugen Drewermann shows that a sustainable economic model—one that is no longer driven by growth—is the only realistic and viable choice. He explains economic relationships in an easy to understand way, and interprets the current world situation through deep psychology.
This is essential reading for everyone who recognize the problematic nature of current economic and ecological developments, and who want to make changes.
a comprehensive analysis of the current situation
opposed to the exploitation of nature and man
author is an active lecturer and seminar leader
»In capitalism there is no sensing element responding to pity or humanity or moral responsibility (…) One is not up against persons who can be convinced with moral or religious arguments; one has to deal with a system working by its own rules. And only if one understands these rules and changes them within their operation logic, then there is a certain prospect of making headway.«
Eugen Drewermann
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