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Eugen Drewermann

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Die großen Fragen 
Eugen Drewermann / Michael Albus
The Big Questions
or Talking Humanly of God

What are the fundamental questions of our existence, the ones that affect us most deeply? Using a series of essential terms as stepping stones, well-known theologian Eugen Drewermann and journalist Michael Albus probe the human longing for a fulfilling life: a life that is not limited to superficial formalities and a freedom that dissolves restrictions.

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Vom Weg der Liebe 
Eugen Drewermann
On the Ways of Love

“Only love leads away from the abyss into the heart of things, and people possess the most wonderful of abilities: to encounter each other in such a way that their love becomes a pathway into eternity for each other.” This is Eugen Drewermann’s message which he elucidates based on three fairy tales he selected for this volume.

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Was uns Zukunft gibt 
Eugen Drewermann
What Gives Us Hope
The Richness of Life

The meditations contained in this volume provide deep insights into the richness of life. We understand our lives as a gift from God, learn to be grateful for all the good we encounter, and learn from the example of Jesus of Nazareth how we, too, can become capable of doing good without expectations.

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Gott ohne Angst 
Matthias Beier
God Without Fear
An Introduction to the Ideas of Eugen Drewermann

Until now, there has been no popular introduction to the ideas and works of the German theologian Eugen Drewermann. From the great Bible commentaries to the latest books on brain research – there are few other people who can claim as great an understanding of Drewermann’s works as Matthias Beier.

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Heimkehrer aus der Hölle 
Eugen Drewermann
Returning Home from Hell
Fairy Tales about War Injuries and Their Healing

“How long must we continue to endure war?”, “When will our soldiers come home?” – Against the backdrop of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, these and similar questions are once again timely. In this book, Eugen Drewermann addresses the fate of the people who are employed to make war – the soldiers.

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Das Drewermann-Lesebuch 
Eugen Drewermann
The Eugen Drewermann Reader
Jörg Fündling, Heribert Körlings (eds.)

Eugen Drewermann is one of the most widely-read theologians in Europe today. His books, which address a vast range of subjects, present a challenge for readers. The passages included here have been selected for readers who want to discover Drewermann’s writings and their relevance to the world of today.

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Die Apostelgeschichte 
Eugen Drewermann
Acts of the Apostles
Paths to Humanity

»The Acts« continue the Gospel according to Luke by relating how the movement around Jesus expanded into the Hellenic-Roman world. As in his gospel, Luke not only wants to inform his readers historically, but also to proclaim his faith.

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Wir glauben, weil wir lieben 
Eugen Drewermann
We Believe Because We Love
What I Believe

His ideas led to bitter conflict with the Catholic Church, culminating in Drewermann’s expulsion from the priesthood and losing his university teaching position. Like few other theologians, Drewermann is able to crystallize the meaning of Christian faith in simple words.

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