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Eugen Drewermann

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Landschaften der Seele oder: Wie wir Mann und Frau werden 
Eugen Drewermann
Landscapes of the Soul, or How We Become Husband and Wife
Grimms’ Fairy Tales Interpreted in Light of Depth Psychology, Volume 4

Fairy tales describe in timeless images the necessary path to becoming genuinely human. Fairy tales are road markers for the soul; they lead along the path of wisdom through hardships and curses to a world full of wonder and the sources of happiness from which everyone wants to draw.

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Das Wichtigste im Leben 
Eugen Drewermann
Words for the Heart and the Mind

“It is the most important thing we can possibly learn in life: to find one’s own being and remain true to it.”

In his work, Eugen Drewermann devoted himself above all to the human longing for love and genuine humanity.

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Eugen Drewermann
Turning Points
or What Does Christianity Actually Mean?

In his new book, Eugen Drewermann puts theology back on its feet again, instead of its head, and leads it back to what Jesus of Nazareth wanted and what Christianity actually means. He criticizes explicitly the conviction that it is possible to objectively determine how we must understand God and what salvation through Christ means – a conviction that has had powerful consequences in church history.

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Wege aus dem Niemandsland 
Eugen Drewermann / Michael Albus
Ways Out of the No-Man’s-Land
or Where Our Soul Finds a Home

In our intimate relationships, there is competition between the needs of “me” and “you”, and the longing for a fusion in love goes unfulfilled. The demands of a career leave all other aptitudes and interests in the dust.

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Worte der Freiheit 
Eugen Drewermann
Words of Freedom
The Beatitudes of Jesus

“Those who understand what Jesus is trying to say here, for them the world is changed; they are literally transformed”, says Drewermann, who vividly illustrates the eight Beatitudes of Jesus by means of exemplary life stories.

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Liebe, Leid und Tod 
Eugen Drewermann
Love, Suffering and Death
Interpreting Existence in Ancient Myths

They are an integral part of the Western European culture; many of us can recall a few things about the Battle of Troy, Odysseus’s wanderings or the dramatic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice. But what are the legends and myths really about?

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Das Richtige im Leben tun 
Eugen Drewermann
Doing the Right Thing in Life
How We Find Our Way
Edited by Stephan Cartier

“I will have to decide if I should marry the man I’ve been in a close relationship with for the past five years. Taking that step would mean moving across the entire country, something I’m scared to do. I would make myself dependent on my husband. Is this doubt a sign that our love isn’t so deep after all?” For many years, Eugen Drewermann has been addressing the existential questions that truly concern people on the radio program Redefreiheit (Freedom of Speech).

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Geschichten gelebter Menschlichkeit 
Eugen Drewermann
Stories of Lived Humanity
or God’s Presence in Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Fairy tales contain many pearls of wisdom, including many about God. God and justice are themes that appear again and again in the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, as Eugen Drewermann shows.

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Die sieben Tugenden 
Eugen Drewermann
The Seven Virtues

The Western tradition counts seven virtues: faith, love, hope, wisdom, justice, courage and temperance. They serve as a measure for people’s behavior and symbolize theological, philosophical and ethical standards by which each individual should abide. But in these terms Eugen Drewermann also sees the danger of defining people from the outside.

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Dass auch der Allerniedrigste mein Bruder sei 
Eugen Drewermann
That Even the Lowest Among You Is My Brother
Dostoyevsky – Poet of Humanity

Poverty and pity, guilt and absolution, death and the immortality of the soul – these are the central themes that Eugen Drewermann finds in the work of the Russian author Dostoyevsky. For him, taking Dostoyevsky seriously means being merciful in a merciless world, maintaining one’s faith in the shadow of despair, and even when there seems to be no way out, pointing the way to places where hope is possible.

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