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Liese und Böb 
Soheyla Sadr
Liese and Böb
When good and bad meet

The good can´t do otherwise, it is just purely good. But it would like to learn how to be bad. For this reason it starts to search for someone who can teach him that. After a few nasty encounters it finally meets the bad! »Why do you want to learn how to be bad?« the bad asks surprised. »When you are good all the time, some people are mean to you. They take advantage of you or don´t take you seriously«, the good answers. And so they decide to club together. A story of good and bad, black and white and the power of togetherness.

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Warum Luzia Licht ins Dunkel bringt 
Marlene Fritsch
Why Luzia Brings Light Into Darkness
Illustrated by Elli Bruder

Luzia´s mother always calls her »My little sun«. They live in Sicily during the period of Christian persecution. For this reason they have to hide their beliefs. But they still have it better than many others who have to live in caves and even catacombs to be save from their persecutors. Luzia is taking care of her friends and brings them bread and everything they need to survive every night. Because she has to take a light with her and only has one free hand, she can´t take much more. But one day she has a truly brilliant idea… An old legend, told anew in enchanting pictures!

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Du bist willkommen! 
Martina Steinkühler
You Are Welcome!
Baptismal Bible

With baptism, parents and godparents are making a promise to love, protect, and encourage their child – and they ask God’s blessing on that promise. In the course of the day and especially evenings before going to sleep there are plenty of opportunities to inquire about God and to discover traces of Him in life, in big things and seemingly small ones

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Henrietta spürt den Wind 
Jochen Weeber
Henrietta Feels the Wind

Henrietta has three favorite things in life: computer games, computer games, and computer games. Until one day a ball flies through her window, and as a result she meets Ollie, Paul, and Louise. They take Henrietta along to a fascinating place...outside! There, for the first time, Henrietta experiences what the wind feels like, and friendship, and frog legs!

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Wie Jesus nach Emmaus kam 
Marlene Fritsch
How Jesus Came to Emmaus
An Easter story

Cleopas and Jacob still cannot believe it – their friend Jesus is dead! Sitting around doing nothing is only making them sadder, so they decide to hike to Emmaus. Along the way they encounter a stranger who walks with them, and they talk about Jesus. That does them good! When they arrive in Emmaus, they are already feeling less sad. They invite the stranger to eat supper with them, and when he breaks the bread for the meal, suddenly their eyes are opened and they see...

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Opa, welche Farbe hat der Tod? 
Annett Stütze / Britta Vorbach
Grandpa, What Color is Death?
With illustrations by Mascha Greune

Grandpa rabbit is excited for spring. But he also feels that it will be his last. He has become old and tired. That´s why he decides to talk about death with the little rabbit, to tell him that he will die. The little rabbit doesn´t want to believe that grandpa will go away forever. But then he gets curious and starts asking many questions. Together they experience a wonderful summer. As the fall approaches Grandpa rabbit feels that his time has come. The little rabbit stays by his side until his last breath. He is of course terribly sad but still he knows that grandpa will always be in his heart.

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Matti, Mütze und Pfütze 
Soheyla Sadr
Matt, Hat and Splash
How to Magically Transform a Rainy Day

»I was so looking forward to today - and now this!« Matt is terribly disappointed. It is raining cats and dogs outside, and the special day planned – just Matt and his dad! – he can probably forget. But Dad has a totally different opinion! Together, the two go on a quiet journey of discovery in the rain, and find some surprises, big and small.

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Der Tag, an dem Paul wieder bunt wurde 
Marlene Fritsch
The Day That Paul Got His Colors Back
and Found Out Why Prejudices are for Black-and-White Thinkers
Illustrated by Volker Konrad

»Granny, how do you get colorful?« Paul asks. Grandma had been looking at photo albums with Paul that included some black and white photos. »But we already are!« she laughed. But then she thought about it. »Sometimes people do still think things are black and white.«

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Soheyla Sadr

Polina doesn’t have it easy. Her teacher threw her out of ballet class: “I’m sorry, Polina, but you’re not getting anywhere. You’re just too clumsy,” she said. What she’d really like is to be as light as a butterfly; she dreams of being able to fly.

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Was ist bloß mit Gisbert los? 
Jochen Weeber
What on Earth is Wrong with Gisbert?
Illustrated by Fariba Gholizadeh

Gisbert has lots of friends and feels very comfortable in his giraffe skin. One day he hears two hyenas whispering behind his back about his brown spots, and suddenly he feels smaller! Then the hippo comments that his trumpet playing is terrible – and he shrinks a little more. This continues and gets worse, until he feels so small that he can even crawl underneath the sofa. But one day, when his friends leave a piece of cake and a card on his doorstep, Gisbert finally knows what is wrong with him.

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Title: 1 to 10 of 38 Page:  1  2  3  4  >>> 
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