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Analytical Psychology

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Auf dem Weg zu sich selbst 
Verena Kast
On the Path to Your Best Self
Becoming Who I Can Truly Be

Emotions as sources of vitality, dreams as guideposts, coming into your own. Verena Kast’s work revolves around themes that have to do with the adventure of self-realization. Self-realization, also called individuation, is a lifelong process.

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Über sich hinauswachsen 
Verena Kast
Growing Beyond Yourself
Envy and Jealousy as Opportunities for Personal Development

The emotions envy and jealousy are taboo. We prefer to repress them or project them on other people. But that means they remain dangerous for our self-confidence and our relationships.

The renowned Jungian analyst Verena Kast argues convincingly that we are not taking advantage of a great opportunity for our personal development when we deny these unpleasant feelings.

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Sinn finden in der Natur 
Marascha Daniela Heisig
Finding Meaning in Nature
Healing Rituals for Life Transitions

Life transitions can be occasions of great joy, for example when a first child is born, or painful, such as separations, partings and losses. In decisive phases of transition such as these people often ask themselves: Which direction should my life take? How can I orient myself now? What is my task or role?

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Nur Mut! 
Renate Daniel
Be Strong!
The Art of Mastering Difficult Situations

Speaking up about an unpleasant truth, ending a broken relationship, making sure your own needs are met – all these things require courage. But how does one go about being strong and resolved in frightening situations? Using numerous examples, Renate Daniel describes what it means to be courageous in everyday life.

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Bilder als Sprache der Seele 
Linda Briendl
Pictures as Language of the Soul
Getting to Know Yourself through Painting and Artistic Design
With a foreword by Verena Kast

Every one of us has some creative potential within ourselves, but it often goes unrecognized or underestimated. The Jungian analyst and psychotherapist Linda Briendl encourages readers to awaken their own creativity through painting and artistic design, thereby getting in touch with important inner sources of energy.

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Die Dynamik der Symbole 
Verena Kast
The Dynamics of Symbols
The Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychotherapy

In this book, Verena Kast explains C.G. Jung's concept of the individuation process, which states that the individual's goal is to discover who he or she really is.

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Title: 31 to 36 of 36 Page: <<<   1  2  3  4 
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