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Analytical Psychology

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Der Nacht den Schrecken nehmen 
Renate Daniel
Taking the Fear From the Night
Understanding and Overcoming Nightmares

Nightmares can be a serious strain. People who are woken by them cannot get back to sleep, and often lie awake for a long time. But nightmares do more than disrupt a night’s sleep; they can also lead to fear, anxiety or a depressed mood the following day. What helps the nighttime haunting to have less of a grip on us?

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Die Tiefenpsychologie nach C.G. Jung 
Verena Kast
Depth Psychology According to C. G. Jung
A Practical Guide

Renowned Jungian analyst Verena Kast elucidates the most important aspects of the analytical psychology of C. G. Jung in a clear and comprehensible way. She describes how the subconscious functions – using terms such as complexes, archetypes or the shadow – and provides a clear explanation of the process of human psychological development and maturation, called individuation.

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Das Tier als Symbol in Träumen, Mythen und Märchen 
Helen I. Bachmann
Animals as Symbols
in Dreams, Myths and Fairy Tales

Donald Duck, the hellhound Cerberus, Puss-in-Boots – animals play an important role in many stories, myths and fairy tales. Since the earliest times, experiences with animals have impacted the human psyche. Images such as the proud eagle or the cunning snake are part of the collective conscious and subconscious of humanity.

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Das Mädchen im Sternenkleid 
Verena Kast
The Girl in the Starry Dress
and Other Stories of Liberation in Fairy Tales

Fairy tales stem from deep human experiences and depict processes of psychological growth and maturation. When we decipher their images and symbols, they reveal wisdom and truths that can give contemporary people important guidelines for their life journey.

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Schöpferisch leben 
Verena Kast
Creative Living

When we get creative, we can better overcome life's challenges. We learn, for example, how to deal calmly with fears and crises, or to discover the resilience behind our vulnerability. Above of all, a creative attitude enables the development of our personality. We can creatively make use of the tension between memory and the desire for personal development to receive new and healing impulses through a review of our lives.

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Verena Kast
Finding Access to Our Inner Resources

We all live in the world of our inner images. When we remember, we see “movies in our head”, and when we imagine the future, our thoughts reveal what we are afraid of or what gives us strength. The imagination is an important resource because it can tap into new places. And it is also therapeutically effective, as C. G. Jung discovered. The method of active imagination he developed makes it possible to grapple with difficult emotions, and activates inner processes of change and development.

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Die Psychologie von C. G. Jung 
Jolande Jacobi
The Psychology of C. G. Jung
An Introduction to His Complete Œuvre
With a foreword by C. G. Jung

C. G. Jung's thought is complex, and his analytical psychology is often not easy to understand. In this book, Jolande Jacobi, a student of Jung and one of his closest associates, has provided a clear, lively explanation of the fundamental terms and concepts of Jungian psychology.

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Verlassenheit und Selbstentfremdung 
Kathrin Asper
Loneliness and Self-Alienation
Approaches to a Therapeutic Understanding of Narcissism

Narcissism is often equated with egotism and excessive self-love. But according to psychotherapeutic models, people afflicted with narcissism suffer from a distorted sense of self-worth. Often caused by early experiences of abandonment and loss, it can lead to alienation from the self, feelings of insecurity and depression.

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Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand 
Ingrid Riedel
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Fairy Tales of Envy and Good Will

Who isn’t familiar with the wicked queen from the fairy tale Snow White, who became green with envy when the magic mirror told her that her stepdaughter was more beautiful than she? This and many other fairy tales explain through symbolism why some people become envious rivals, while others allow themselves to take joy in the success of others.

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Die Blume des Glücks 
Verena Kast
The Flower of Happiness
and Other Fairy Tales of Autonomy and Self-Determination

People are always interconnected and interdependent. Absolute autonomy does not exist. But if we do not develop sufficient independence – when attachment to parents is too strong – we will remain psychologically immature, and will never realize our potential.

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