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Für helle Köpfe 
Rita Steininger
For Bright Minds
Fitness for the brain

We are exercising the whole body - but pay way too little attention to our mental fitness although the brain needs lifelong, regular stimuli, not only in old age!
Rita Steininger shows that there are many varied possibilities to get the mind running at full capacity – beyond brain-teasers and brain jogging.

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Denken hilft! 
Katharina Ceming
Thinking Helps!
Philosophical impulses for today

To think about yourself and what you are doing offers real advantages. Not only does it make you smarter, it also helps to navigate through the jungle which is called life. This book asks for all aspects of a successful life: How can we cope with changes? How can we shape our lives when security systems fail? What makes me feel satisfied? When do I feel like my life is meaningful?

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Lebe deine Möglichkeiten 
Erich Schechner
Live Your Possibilities
Viktor Frankl and the development of human beings

After the Second World War, Viktor Frankl, founder of logotherapy, moved into the limelight with his work »…Man's Search For Meaning: An Introduction to Logotherapy«. In this book, he describes his experiences as inmate of Auschwitz. The stunning life journey of the Viennese psychiatrist led him to the foundation of a form of psychotherapy which is guided by the meaning of existence and helps to say an undaunted Yes to life even in abysmal situations.

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Angst und Sorgen die Macht nehmen 
Hans Morschitzky
Taking Back Control from Fear and Worries
Self-help for generalized anxiety disorder

It is totally normal to worry: about the well-being of relatives and friends, the own health or the current international situation. But when fears and worries get out of hand so much that the quality of life is suffering increasingly and school, work or social life are sorely afflicted, this is referred to as generalized anxiety disorder.

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Wenn Platzangst das Leben einengt 
Hans Morschitzky
When Agoraphobia Constricts Your Life
Overcoming agoraphobia - a self-help method

»I never take the elevator; I’m afraid of the enclosed space!« »I can’t go to the town festival. Surely I’d pass out!« People with agoraphobia or claustrophobia fear situations in which escape will be difficult, or it seems no help can reach them. Fearing they will be stuck in a helpless situation, many of those afflicted lead very restricted lives. Some don’t even dare to leave their own homes unaccompanied

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Zwänge bewältigen 
Burkhard Ciupka-Schön
Overcoming Compulsions
A book of encouragement

Compulsions often begin in childhood or young adulthood, but it is not unusual for them to only be recognized and treated decades later. People who struggle with compulsions often have a long road of suffering behind them, including many attempts at therapy. But there is an accessible and efficacious approach, which Burkhard Ciupka-Schön uses successfully in his psychotherapy practice. Behavioral therapy in conjunction with exposure has proven extremely effective.

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Nur die Liebe fehlt 
Petra Wiegers
Only Love is Missing
Postpartum Depression and Mothers Trying to Find Their Joy

Having a baby is the greatest joy of all – at least that's the expectation. However, ten to twenty percent of all mothers fall into a serious crisis after giving birth, referred to as postpartum depression. Loving feelings for the new child are absent, and sadness, anxiety, aggression and guilt take over. And on top of it all, there is often a lack of understanding from family and friends.

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Wieder Land sehen 
Christian Firus
Finding Land Again
Facing Depression with Courage and Determination

Health insurance companies confirm it: depression is on the rise. In Germany, one in five people will suffer from depression at some point in their life. It can happen to anyone! The good news is that there is effective help. Christian Firus highlights the most important strategies. His approach: the first and most important step out of depression is to take good care of yourself, and to recognize where you have freedom to act.

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L(i)eben mit Borderline 
Udo Rauchfleisch
Living (and Loving) with Borderline Personality Disorder
A handbook for family and friends

People with a borderline personality disorder are constantly living on the edge: they alternate between love and hate, fear and rage, inner emptiness and euphoria. But they are not the only ones impacted by their inner chaos.

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Endlich durchschlafen 
Christine Rankl
Sleeping Through the Night at Last
Understanding and Solving Difficulties with Sleep

One in four young children has difficulty sleeping through the night. And that means their parents’ sleep is interrupted, night after night. That is trying and exhausting, for children and parents alike. What causes this, and what truly helps? Christine Rankl has a solution for every kind of sleeping issue, from infants to schoolchildren.

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