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Das kleine Trau-dich-Buch 
Rita Steininger
The Little Trust Yourself Book
Say Goodbye to Shy

Everyday situations can be torture for shy people: talking to strangers, maintaining eye contact during conversations, speaking up during a meeting. Fearing embarrassment or rejection, shy people often pull back into their shells. The reason for shyness is often insecurity and a lack of self-esteem.

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Trotz allem Liebe 
Marascha Daniela Heisig
Love Nevertheless
How Couples Can Find Forgiveness

Few relationships are more challenging then a partnership. Nowhere else are we so vulnerable, or does conflict bring up such intense feelings. Against the background of her long-term therapeutic work with couples, Marascha Daniela Heisig demonstrates that we have to continually learn to transform what has not been reconciled, in order to master the everyday challenges of love.

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Reden ist Gold – wie Gespräche die Liebe stärken 
Jo Eckardt
Talking is Gold - How Conversation Strengthens Love

Silence at the breakfast table, only the bare minimum is discussed, frustrated withdrawal – a lack of communication is especially common in long-term relationships. The partners have nothing more to say to each other, the emotional connection suffers and that leads to more silence. Jo Eckardt demonstrates how this vicious circle can be broken.

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Einfach raus! 
Beate Hofmann / Olaf Hofmann
Just Get Out!
How to Draw Strength from Nature

Just get out! Step out of entrenched habits and ways of thinking, out of frustration traps, out of the office and into the wilderness just outside your door. Risking adventure even in everyday life and using nature as a resource increases mental resilience. This book shows how »green resilience« makes it possible to live more fully, to act more mindfully, and to revitalize your creativity.

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Tausche Chaos gegen Leichtigkeit 
Gabi Rimmele
Trade Chaos for Ease
How to declutter your life

Drawers full of “stuff,” clothing that has never been worn, books that no one reads anymore. Why is it so incredibly difficult to part with unnecessary things? Social worker Gabi Rimmele experiences first hand what keeps people bound to things: fond memories, scarcity or deprivation, or a bad conscience – all of these can be reasons for the accumulated clutter.

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Das kleine Tu-dir-gut-Buch 
Rita Steininger
The Little Be-Good-to-Yourself Book
For women in mid-life

Stop constantly criticizing yourself, have the courage to try something completely new – many women between 40 and 50 would like to be kinder to themselves. But for many, it isn’t easy to do something for their own benefit. Women, in particular, often tend to put their own needs last.

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Einfach gut! 
Beate Hofmann
Simply Good!
Live a More Fulfilling Life, With Ease

Do you sometimes ask yourself if it’s only other people who lead an ideal life? Are you overcome by the feeling that you’re on your own in your attempts to juggle your daily routine between work, partnership, family and personal aspirations? And even worse, that the attempt is destined to fail from the outset, no matter what you do?

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Und täglich grüßt dein Lebenstraum 
Emanuel Koch
Live Your Personal Dream Every Day
Acting Boldly and Managing the Impossible

Standstill? Routine? Boredom? Lots of people are familiar with this. We are treading water, are dissatisfied, yearn for change. But when it comes to making our own dreams become reality, an unpleasant feeling takes over: fear!

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Nur die Liebe fehlt 
Petra Wiegers
Only Love is Missing
Postpartum Depression and Mothers Trying to Find Their Joy

Having a baby is the greatest joy of all – at least that's the expectation. However, ten to twenty percent of all mothers fall into a serious crisis after giving birth, referred to as postpartum depression. Loving feelings for the new child are absent, and sadness, anxiety, aggression and guilt take over. And on top of it all, there is often a lack of understanding from family and friends.

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Verabredung mit dem Glück 
Christian Firus / Hans-Hermann Firus
An Appointment with Happiness
How to Strengthen Your Emotional Resilience
With a foreword by Luise Reddemann

Losing a job, an illness or separation from a beloved person – all of these are life experiences that challenge us. People who cultivate their strengths and abilities and fully exhaust their resources have some means with which to counter such difficult events and even grow as a result. They have an appointment with happiness and believe firmly in it.

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Title: 1 to 10 of 56 Page:  1  2  3  4  5  6  >>> 
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