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Menschenbilder der Bibel 
Silvia Schroer / Thomas Staubli
Human Images in the Bible

Who would have thought that our modern concept of humanity is still largely influenced by the biblical-eastern perspective? Love, reproduction and birth, sickness, aging and death, emotions such as fear and joy – everything that characterizes and moves people today is already talked about in the Bible, and hardly any of it is outdated.

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Lieber Bruder Franziskus 
Franz von Assisi
Dear Brother Francis

People of faith around the world are excited by Pope Francis. His spontaneity is surprising, his warm-heartedness is touching – and that he chose Francis of Assisi as his namesake leads many people to hope for the advent of a new culture in the Vatican and the Church. What would the saint from Assisi advise the new pope, who, with his selection of a name, made the great saint the measure of his papacy?

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Was ich dir schenken will 
Ute Latendorf
What I Want to Give You
Provisions for Life
New edition

In this beautifully designed book, Ute Latendorf writes insightfully and cleverly about the many facets of life. She talks about love and fear, about backbone and trust, about dreaming and failing. Her texts are nourishment for the soul of young and old alike, and provisions for life.

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Mein Leben leuchten lassen 
Martina Kreidler-Kos / Niklaus Kuster / Ancilla Roettger
Letting My Life Shine
Praying with Clare and Francis of Assisi Today

Francis and Clare of Assisi were praying people. They left behind a plethora of beautiful writings that allow something of God’s presence to shine through, prayers that illuminate what is often hidden by the fog of responsibilities or the darkness of our worries.

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Stark wie der Tod ist die Liebe 
Ingrid Riedel
Love Is as Strong as Death
The Song of Solomon
With illustrations by Renate Gier

The Bible’s Song of Solomon, a unique collection of love letters from ancient Israel, describes in wonderful images the longing of two lovers. All the colors and scents of the Orient resonate in the passionate exchanges between Shulamith und Solomon. Anyone searching for language and images of great love far removed from kitsch and jargon will find a treasure trove full of surprises in the Song of Songs.

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Mit Sinn und Ziel 
Hildegard Gosebrink
With Meaning and Purpose
Spirituality for managers and leaders

Spirituality in the daily life of a manager, where it’s all about goals, results, sales targets that have to be met? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say spirituality in spite of the management routine? But the two spheres have more to do with each other as you might think at first glance: How do we conduct ourselves, and lead others?

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Ich, die anderen und die Fragen dazwischen 
Uta Engel
Me, the Others and the Questions Between Us

There are questions that everyone asks themselves sometime in one form or another. And anyone who asks them probably gets very close to the heart of what life is all about. Uta Engel’s book explores twelve of these questions in a surprising, never preachy and always friendly way. It will inspire you to consider for yourself what life means.

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Die letzten Tage 
Michael H. F. Brock
The Last Days
Encounters with Jesus

The last days of Jesus’s life are full of drama. Until the end he remained faithful to his path with humans, which wasn’t understood by so many and finally resulted in his death. The author describes these events from the perspective of Jesus’s friends, and Mary Magdalene, who shared a special closeness with Jesus, plays an important role.

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Sinnesmomente – Sinnmomente 
Peter Wild
Moments of Perception – Moments of Meaning
How Spirituality Becomes an Everyday Thing

The scent of fresh apples, the silken skin of a peach, the bright green of lettuce: a stroll through a farmer’s market is a feast for the senses. But most of the time, we take our myriad sensory perceptions for granted and don’t even pay attention to them.

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Du hast mein Klagen in Tanzen verwandelt 
Heribert Arens / Martino Machowiak
You Turned My Mourning into Dancing
Steps to a new vitality – a book of encouragement

No one is spared painful experiences: disappointments, missed opportunities, illness, loss through death, the difficulties of aging, guilt. In life there are always situations that give us reason for sorrow, and then the questions arise: can life go on, and how, and how can we find a meaningful way forward?

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