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Vom Gesetz zum Gesicht 
Paul M. Zulehner
From Law to Love
A New Tone in the Church: Pope Francis on Marriage and Family (Amoris laetitia)

The document Amoris laetitia has been greatly underrated in its reception. It is a document that goes far beyond marriage and family ministry. The experienced pastoral theologian Paul M. Zulehner outlines its pioneering significance.

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Anton A. Bucher
The Psychology of Strength

This book takes a new look at an old word: awe. It can be a cumbersome term, as it was often misused to keep people in their place. Properly understood, it means just the opposite. Awe is the powerful emotion that overtakes us when we encounter something truly great, something that attracts and inspires us to be like it.

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Entängstigt euch! 
Paul M. Zulehner
Set Aside Your Fear!
Refugees and the Christian Occident

For months, refugees have been coming to us in huge numbers: women, men, young children. That generates emotions in the populace that run in very different directions. Some feel anger, others worry, and yet others are optimistic. Those who are angry tend to be defensive, while the optimists are ready to pitch in and help. They can be found volunteering at train stations, working alongside civic organizations and church congregations.

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Entschieden Christ sein 
Klaus Koziol
Courage Born of Trust
Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Legacy for Today

On April 9, 1945 the Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was murdered by the Nazis in the Flossenbürg concentration camp. Even today, countless people are impressed by his courage, his power, and his steadfastness in a time of terror and imprisonment.

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So bleib doch ja nicht stehn 
Hubertus Halbfas
Never Stand Still
My life with theology

For more than half a century, Hubertus Halbfas has had a decisive impact on religious education –assertive and controversial, systematic and creative. This is his autobiography.

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Paul M. Zulehner
Discontinued Model
In what direction is Pope Francis taking the Church?

Discontinued: That could mean the end of the Church in post-Christian Europe. More than a few statistics seem to point in that direction. Francis stands for another kind of end: the ship of the Church should sail away from the harbor of occupation with itself and toward the shores of life and society, toward those who are wounded by life. That is what he takes a prophetic stand for and he wants to reposition the Church for just such a departure.

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Der gehörnte Mose und eine falsche Madonna 
Josef Imbach
The Horned Moses and a False Madonna

There are many curious “additions” to Christian works of art like a peacock on the stable in Bethlehem. In this book Josef Imbach explains mystic symbols in religious art by means of numerous illustrations in an informative style.

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Gott, Götter und Idole 
Tullio Aurelio
God, Gods and Idols
And man created them in his own image

A name is restricting, and all creatures that have a proper name are limited – because they are confined within it – and become extinct.

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Wir sterben und wissen nicht wohin 
Tullio Aurelio
We Die and Don’t Know What’s Next
Thoughts About Life After Death

How do you imagine life after death? Do you think there’s an “afterlife” or a “heaven”? Or does everything simply end with death? Tullio Aurelio considers these questions, motivated by the palpably real threat of his own death, which he has experienced more than once in his lifetime. He complements his personal, existential approach with various perspectives drawn from philosophy, ancient myths and the great religions.

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Paul M. Zulehner
A Different Kind of Autobiography

Paul Michael Zulehner is one of the most noted theologians in Europe. He is not afraid of the truth when it comes to the current situation and the future of the church. At the same time, his criticism is always constructive and imbued with great loyalty. That makes him an inspirational trailblazer and highly esteemed discussion partner.

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