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Neue Schläuche für jungen Wein 
Paul M. Zulehner
New Wine into New Wineskins
On the way into a new era

The centuries-long time of the people´s church is definitively over. Being Christian is not fate anymore but choice. The churches are on the way into a new era in which they will come closer to the biblical norm.

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Heimat wird mehr, wenn man sie teilt 
Heribert Schlensok
Home Will Become More When We Share it
Of refugees who became neighbors

»In the beginning, the children loved having holidays for such a long time«, says Marwah from Iraq. With her family she made it over the Mediterranean and the Balkan route to Germany, learned German and became an interpreter.

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Viel lieber würd ich gleich zu Gandhi gehen 
Katharina D. Oppel
Bonhoeffer and Gandhi
Two voices for peace

In this book, Katharina D. Oppel talks about Bonhoeffer´s wish to meet Gandhi and Gandhi´s invitation. She explores the accordance of the thinking of these two contemporaries from different cultural backgrounds and religions and their longing for lived spirituality and peace. Their thinking portrays perspectives which point to the future.

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Intrigen, Sex und Totschlag in der Bibel 
Josef Imbach
Intrigues, Sex and Homicide in the Bible

Crime scene bible: who leafs through the bible is not only encountering doubters and God-seekers but also intriguers and murderers, adulterers and imposters. All of them enact a Comédie humaine on a universal and bizarre world stage in which even deeply religious Christians can hardly make out signs of sacred history. Although the bible is constantly talking about God, nothing human is foreign. Insights into the most suspenseful side of the Bible.

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Die Seele der Ökumene 
George Augustin
The Soul of the Ecumenical Movement
Unity of Christians as a spiritual process
With a preface by Walter Cardinal Kasper

The unity of Christians will not be the result of administrative measures nor theological agreement on the smallest common denominator. The unity of Christians is instead grounded in a personal relationship to Jesus Christ and is a gift from the Holy Spirit, one that minds and hearts must be open to.

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Seht den Menschen 
Peter Balleis
Human Longing
The temptation of power and the misery of refugees

For 20 years, Peter Balleis was on the front lines of work with refugees. He asks probing questions about the causes of that misery and looks not only at the political background, but also at the sordid side of the human race. People become refugees because other people want to pursue their own interests without regard for anyone else. The temptations of wealth, fame, and power are mainsprings of violence and causes of wars.

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Fernnahe Liebe 
Niklaus Kuster / Nadia Rudolf von Rohr
Intimate Love from a Distance
Nicholas and Dorothea of Flüe

Nicholas of Flüe, the national saint of the Swiss, is unthinkable without Dorothea, his strong wife, with whom he liked to dance; she was by his side as he achieved prominence

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Vom Gesetz zum Gesicht 
Paul M. Zulehner
From Law to Love
A New Tone in the Church: Pope Francis on Marriage and Family (Amoris laetitia)

The document Amoris laetitia has been greatly underrated in its reception. It is a document that goes far beyond marriage and family ministry. The experienced pastoral theologian Paul M. Zulehner outlines its pioneering significance.

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Entängstigt euch! 
Paul M. Zulehner
Set Aside Your Fear!
Refugees and the Christian Occident

For months, refugees have been coming to us in huge numbers: women, men, young children. That generates emotions in the populace that run in very different directions. Some feel anger, others worry, and yet others are optimistic. Those who are angry tend to be defensive, while the optimists are ready to pitch in and help. They can be found volunteering at train stations, working alongside civic organizations and church congregations.

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Entschieden Christ sein 
Klaus Koziol
Courage Born of Trust
Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Legacy for Today

On April 9, 1945 the Protestant theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer was murdered by the Nazis in the Flossenbürg concentration camp. Even today, countless people are impressed by his courage, his power, and his steadfastness in a time of terror and imprisonment.

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