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Traumatisierte Kinder in der Schule 
Helga Kohler-Spiegel
Traumatized Children in Schools
Understand – support - stabilize

Traumatization is not only the purview of children and young people who have experienced war and been refugees. The causes and experiences are many and varied, as are children’s reactions. Helga Kohler-Spiegel uses graphics to explain how our brains respond to traumatic stressors and which symptoms are seen.

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Wie ich meinem Kind zu einem starken Selbstwertgefühl verhelfe 
Heinz-Peter Röhr
How I Can Help My Child Gain Strong Self-esteem

Only when children have strong self-esteem they can flourish. Disorders in the development of self-esteem often involve mental and behavioral problems. Many parents would like to help promote the development of self-esteem of their children. However, this can only be achieved if they themselves have a strong self-esteem and understand what things undermine their children’s self-esteem.

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Stressfreier erziehen 
Felicitas Römer
Raising Children with Less Stress
Empathy instead of scolding

Preschool-aged children insist on more and more freedom from their parents. But how should parents react when their kids won’t take no for an answer or have temper tantrums? Scolding and punishing don’t really help, and often only create unpleasant tension. Many parents are aware that scolding children isn’t a good solution, but do not know what they can do instead.

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Holger Feindel
Hooked on the Internet
A guide for those who are hooked and their loved ones

Online gaming, surfing or chatting – what begins as a way to pass the time or as a hobby can get out of control. When constantly being online leads to people neglecting the real world – friends, work, sleeping and eating – then the Internet has become an existential problem.

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Was macht das Monster unterm Bett? 
Monika Specht-Tomann
What Is That Monster Doing Under the Bed?
Understanding and overcoming children’s fears

Fear of the dark, of saying goodbye, or difficulties in preschool or school – children live through many troubling experiences that they have to master in the course of their development. Which fears are part of any normal development?

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Baby, warum isst du nicht? 
Josephine Schwarz-Gerö
Baby, Why Won't You Eat?
Understanding and Solving Eating Issues

When a baby doesn’t want to eat or drink, turns away from feedings or cries at every meal, parents worry about the well-being of their child, and rightly so. Their desperate attempts to get their baby to eat, however, often trap them in a vicious cycle. And this, although the baby knows what the solution is, if only its signals could be correctly interpreted!

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Mama, chill mal! 
Felicitas Römer
Chill Out, Mom!
Puberty and Still in a Good Mood

Monster? Prickly cactus? No, young people going through puberty are more than surly grouches. Even if it isn’t always “easy”, there’s no reason to panic about puberty. Felicitas Römer, herself a mother of children who are now grown, demonstrates: When parents are prepared to let go of old ways of thinking and behaving, puberty can be a great opportunity for everyone to make positive changes in themselves.

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Das kleine Anti-Wut-Buch 
Rita Steininger
The Little Anti-Anger Book
for Parents and Children

Two-year-old Tom screams his head off. That chocolate next to the checkout had better go in the shopping cart, or else... “You can all go to hell!” – and bang, the door to eleven-year-old Mia’s room slams shut behind her. Coping with children’s rage costs parents a lot of energy and nerves. And it is anything but easy not to react to aggressive children with anger on your part.

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Kinder brauchen Vertrauen 
Karl Gebauer / Gerald Hüther (eds.)
Children Need Trust
Encouraging Development through Strong Relationships
New edition

There are few treasures more precious than a child’s fundamental sense of trust. Having a basic trust in existence is decisive for a happy and successful life. Children are born with this fundamental trust, but it can only continue to develop if it is continually strengthened by parents, caregivers and teachers.

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Reiner Bahr
Prickly Children
Understanding Children and Young Adults with Asperger's Syndrome

They are extremely strong-willed, have very few friends, avoid eye contact or simply blurt things out without taking notice of anyone else. Children with Asperger’s Syndrome are already conspicuous in pre-school, and often don’t succeed at school in spite of great intelligence. For parents and teachers alike, it is not easy to come to terms with the unconventional behavior of these prickly children.

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