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Loss & Grieving

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Vergiss mein nie 
Anemone Zeim / Madita van Hülsen
Never Forget
Structuring Grief with Memories

No one can truly understand grief before they have experienced it personally. And then suddenly you are immersed in a situation in which everything you could previously rely on fails you. What remains are the memories. Consciously turning to your own treasure trove of memories, sorting through them and creatively engaging with them, helps us find a personalized and healing path through grief.

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Wenn Kinder trauern 
Christine Fleck-Bohaumilitzky
When Children Grieve
What They Feel - What They Ask - What They Need

Children grieve not only when a person or a pet dies, but also the loss of a stuffed animal or when a friend moves away. The author describes in a sensitive, competent and helpful way how parents and daycare, kindergarten, and elementary school teachers can help children deal with such losses.

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Trauernden Kindern Halt geben 
Monika Specht-Tomann
Supporting Grieving Children
What Parents Can do

Some children withdraw and refuse to talk when they are mourning. Others can hardly be soothed and cry continuously. It is also not unusual for grieving children to be aggressive. And many of them ask the most astonishing questions. But they are often not recognized, because their parents and caretakers are also out of their comfort zone.

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Mein Herz ist wie April 
Hubert Böke
My Heart is Like April
Stories of Mourning and of Life

The range of experience of grieving varies from bitter cold and darkness all the way to the opening of tender buds in the first mild brightness of spring. Seen from this perspective, April encompasses the emotional world of those who are grieving like no other time.

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Bis mein Leben neue Knospen treibt 
Carmen Birkholz
Until My Life Sprouts New Buds
A Guide through Grief

Almost all partings, whether they are sudden or descend upon you or are freely chosen, leave behind painful empty places. Your own life seems to be a winter landscape: frozen and lifeless.

Carmen Birkholz finds words that gently and carefully provide the gift of a new springtime.

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Der Tod ist groß, wir sind die Seinen 
Ralf T. Vogel
Death Is Great, We Belong to It
Learning to Live with Death

Death remains a forbidden topic, in spite of the fact that we all know that we will eventually die. But more and more people want to come to terms with death in order to live their lives more purposefully. This book offers those people the possibility to discover their own understanding about death and dying, knowledge that lies deep in the soul.

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Welches Leben nach dem Tod? 
Gabriel Looser
Which Life After Death?
Reincarnation and Christian Faith

Many people share the hope that life continues after death “somehow”, but there are widely varying ideas about the “how”. The idea of a rebirth is increasingly widespread even among people of the Christian faith. But are these ideas even compatible, or do they contain contradictions that can’t be resolved?

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Praxisbuch Trauergruppen 
Mechthild Schroeter-Rupieper
Manual for Grief Support Groups
The fundamentals and creative methods for adults, teens and children

United in grief, and yet shaped by a unique story: in grief support groups, people meet who have an incisive experience in common, and yet are entirely different from each other. How is it possible to create a space in which the treasure of their common experience can be uncovered? How can all their individual needs and stories be honored at the same time?

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Wenn Zeit alleine nicht heilt 
Willi Butollo / Gabriele Pfoh
When Time Alone Doesn’t Heal
Support for Complex Grief

Mourning takes time. Everyone who is grieving or works with people in mourning knows that. But what can help mourners when the agonizing condition doesn’t come to an end, or even grows worse over time? When the loss remains incomprehensible and the loneliness is oppressive?

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Versöhnt sterben 
Angelika Daiker / Judith Bader-Reissing
Making Peace With Death
Palliative Care in Light of the Last Seven Words of Jesus

What do people who are dying need in order to be able to say goodbye, content and at peace? After working in hospice care for many years, Angelika Daiker and Judith Bader-Reissing are convinced: The things that are essential for a fulfilling life also contribute to a good death.

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