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Analytical Psychology

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Ingrid Riedel / Christa Henzler
Painting Therapy
Based on the Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung

Painting from the unconscious is about something other than producing »beautiful« pictures. The goal of Jungian painting therapy is to enable the soul to express itself, and to initiate the process of healing oneself through painting and creating.

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Schöpferisch leben 
Verena Kast
Creative Living

When we get creative, we can better overcome life's challenges. We learn, for example, how to deal calmly with fears and crises, or to discover the resilience behind our vulnerability. Above of all, a creative attitude enables the development of our personality. We can creatively make use of the tension between memory and the desire for personal development to receive new and healing impulses through a review of our lives.

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Seele auf Sinnsuche 
Christoph Augner
Soul in Search of Substance
Toward a Psychology that Provides a Sense of Purpose in Life

Mobbing, burnout and depression are taking on epidemic proportions. »Concerned citizens« set refugee shelters on fire. Psychology has never been in such great demand as it is today, and it has never provided so little help, because statistics, an understanding of humans as materialistic beings, and supposed objectivity cannot provide answers to the key questions of meaning and leading a good life.

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Altern - immer für eine Überraschung gut 
Verena Kast
Aging - Always Good for a Surprise

There’s no doubt about it: everyone is getting older. The sometimes difficult changes that come along with the aging process provide lots of new challenges to master. We have to learn to be flexible in responding to situations over which we have little or no control.

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Die weise Frau 
Ingrid Riedel
The Wise Woman
The Archetype of the Wise Old Woman in Fairy Tales, Dreams and the History of Religion

Just because someone is old doesn’t necessarily mean they are wise. But there is an archetypical image of the old wise man or woman inside each of us, which impacts our experience of being old as well as our relationships to older women and men. In this book, Ingrid Riedel examines the various forms of the archetype of the wise old woman in the Grimm's’ fairy tales »The Goose-Girl at the Well« and »The Nixie in the Pond« as well as in dreams, in the history of religion, and in the everyday life of contemporary women.

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Brigitte Dorst
Building inner strengths

Stress on the job, fear for your sick partner, conflict with the neighbors – burdens like these completely derail some people. But how is it that others manage them so well? In the field of psychology, this phenomenon is attributed to a quality called resilience, the psychological forces of resistance. They allow us to maintain mental and emotional composure in difficult life situations.

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Schlüssel zum Ich 
Marianne Meister
The Key to the Self
Understanding Yourself Through Deep Psychological Astrology

Fate is NOT written in the stars, as popular horoscopes would have you believe. A serious approach to astrology instead describes the special abilities and possibilities for development a person has, which can be lived out in very different ways.

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Auf dem Weg zu sich selbst 
Verena Kast
On the Path to Your Best Self
Becoming Who I Can Truly Be

Emotions as sources of vitality, dreams as guideposts, coming into your own. Verena Kast’s work revolves around themes that have to do with the adventure of self-realization. Self-realization, also called individuation, is a lifelong process.

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Der Schatten in uns 
Verena Kast
The Shadow in Us
The Subversive Life Force

»Where there is light, there is also shadow,« people say. The same is true of the human personality. We present certain aspects of ourselves in daylight, while other aspects are suppressed in our subconscious. The shadows are that which a person does not want to be, but nonetheless is, and they are often projected onto others – strangers or refugees, for example – and fought against there. Shadows can also be positive, however, and contain hidden abilities and potential.

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C.G. Jung – Schriften zu Spiritualität und Transzendenz 
Brigitte Dorst (ed.)
C. G. Jung - Writings on Spirituality and Transcendence
Edited by Brigitte Dorst

“The decisive question for a person is: are you related to something infinite or not? That is the telling question of his life.“ This statement of C. G. Jung’s demonstrates the critical importance of spirituality in his understanding of the world and human beings.

For this book, the Jungian analyst and psychotherapist Brigitte Dorst has selected the most important texts in which Jung addresses spirituality and transcendence.

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