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Analytical Psychology

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Der schöpferische Sprung 
Verena Kast
The Creative Leap
Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

People in crisis can no longer find a way out. They cannot continue in their previous behavior patterns; at the peak of their crisis they must make a creative leap. In many cases this is only possible via crisis intervention in therapy.
In this book, Verena Kast illustrates several types of crisis. Via numerous case histories she explains how psychotherapists and analysts can guide patients experiencing crisis situations and can help them to utilize the opportunities present in the crisis to achieve a transformation.

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Mögen alle Wesen glücklich sein 
Luise Reddemann / Sylvia Wetzel
May All Beings be Happy
Rediscover sympathy and justice

We are living in a time of upheaval. Many people feel lost. Millions are fleeing, are threatened by hunger, torture and war. In the west, we still live in relative safety. But while some want to help, others isolate themselves or marginalize others. What is the significance of sympathy and justice for the development of the individual, for coexistence and for the international community?

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Die Würde des Menschen ist verletzlich 
Stephan Marks
Human Dignity is Vulnerable
What we need and how we can rediscover it

Every day we witness how vulnerable our dignity is: racism, sexism, xenophobia or homophobia make life hard. Children in school are being bullied, unemployed persons are being called “prosperity trash” or the elderly are insulted as »junk«.

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Die Welt im Spiegel der Seele 
Ingrid Riedel
The World as Reflected in the Soul
Lived spirituality

To see the world as reflected in the soul: that means living holistically and being open to messages coming from the subconscious. Images are often found in dreams and also in art and literature, as in Harry Potter, for example, with which the subconscious reacts to contemporary phenomena or problems, from political upheaval to the state of the environment.

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Wider Angst und Hass 
Verena Kast
Again(st) Fear and Hatred
Foreigner as an opportunity dor development

Once again we are confronted with so much hatred in the world – and incredible fear. Never before have so many people been refugees, fleeing from death and destruction. Great challenges stand before us, and that sparks fear. It often seems that these fears are artificially provoked, and then they can become sheer hatred. People look for someone to blame, so they can be eliminated: the foreigners

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Ingrid Riedel / Christa Henzler
Painting Therapy
Based on the Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung

Painting from the unconscious is about something other than producing »beautiful« pictures. The goal of Jungian painting therapy is to enable the soul to express itself, and to initiate the process of healing oneself through painting and creating.

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Schöpferisch leben 
Verena Kast
Creative Living

When we get creative, we can better overcome life's challenges. We learn, for example, how to deal calmly with fears and crises, or to discover the resilience behind our vulnerability. Above of all, a creative attitude enables the development of our personality. We can creatively make use of the tension between memory and the desire for personal development to receive new and healing impulses through a review of our lives.

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Seele auf Sinnsuche 
Christoph Augner
Soul in Search of Substance
Toward a Psychology that Provides a Sense of Purpose in Life

Mobbing, burnout and depression are taking on epidemic proportions. »Concerned citizens« set refugee shelters on fire. Psychology has never been in such great demand as it is today, and it has never provided so little help, because statistics, an understanding of humans as materialistic beings, and supposed objectivity cannot provide answers to the key questions of meaning and leading a good life.

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Altern - immer für eine Überraschung gut 
Verena Kast
Aging - Always Good for a Surprise

There’s no doubt about it: everyone is getting older. The sometimes difficult changes that come along with the aging process provide lots of new challenges to master. We have to learn to be flexible in responding to situations over which we have little or no control.

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Die weise Frau 
Ingrid Riedel
The Wise Woman
The Archetype of the Wise Old Woman in Fairy Tales, Dreams and the History of Religion

Just because someone is old doesn’t necessarily mean they are wise. But there is an archetypical image of the old wise man or woman inside each of us, which impacts our experience of being old as well as our relationships to older women and men. In this book, Ingrid Riedel examines the various forms of the archetype of the wise old woman in the Grimm's’ fairy tales »The Goose-Girl at the Well« and »The Nixie in the Pond« as well as in dreams, in the history of religion, and in the everyday life of contemporary women.

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